So hey there!!!

Thought I’d do a little Introductory piece on myself and what you can anticipate, say u make ur way to my corner space.

As a totally unrefined writer, there will be Typos,misspellings and general inappropriate tenses aka Gbagauns.

As someone without scope and aim, i dont have a specific line of work.. I might serve u stories today, rant tomorrow,Gosh over someone or something the next, talk fashion,talk music… there are not a lot of things that interest me so I’ll try to jus atleast be amiusing..Ps- im not remotely funny,, I jus dont take things too seriously..

Another thing,Im not a “Techie” so the special effects of the page may bore u..forgive me,Im on-the-job training..when I learn work well,i’ll definitely step up..

If I am missing anything out..I’ll pop back and fill it in the comments box..




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