My unGrand entry

Hi there People of Earth.

Beautiful people..

Nice people..

Positive people..

Honest people..

(if u can’t qualify yourself with any of the above,smh,change ur ways is all I can say.)

This is my first entry here… I don’t even know how to go about it. I’m a tard rusty in writing*not like I was any good at it before,I jus enjoyed doing it* and right now,im plenty intimidated by all the creativity and deepness on Blogville.

But as fate would have it,here I am.

This post should have come a little earlier than this,but its still dedicated to the  memory of Rashidi Yekini… A moments silence please…

Im Commending his soul to the bossom of the Almighty. His and that of all the Unsung Heroes past. People of recognition whom we sweep under the mat and revive their praise at their demise. Its really a sad something,how we unappreciate (if there is really no word like this,blame it on Cherish)the living,move on to what is trending without even a thought at the foundation.

He probably died broke *do footballers have pension plan??* They should though considering how short-lived their careers are.

Im not much of a football fan but as young as I was then,i remember how much smiles Amokachi, Yekini,Rufai,Eghuavon,Siaisia.Oliseh,& George et al put on Peoples faces,especially during a trying Government  regime.

As individuals, we have our own Personal challenges,but it is very encouraging to take a minute and say a prayer for these Heroes,at least once in a while,Do a nice piece on them once in a while,and not save all the accolades for when they are too stiff to swell at their praises & too cold to blush.

RIP Rashidi

RIP Ikemba

RIP every unsung Hero.    Thank you for having lived Worthwhile lives.





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