Of Escorts and Other Stories..

Since I saw the movie “the Wedding Date” and was totally enthralled by Debra Messings & Dermot Mulroneys (can u believe he is gay!!! HA!!! weist!) characters..its a chic-flick by the way..so if thats not your interest,calm down  and hear*read in this case* me out.

In order not to appear single & desperate at her younger sisters wedding,Debra hires a male escort for  the wedding..Dermot.

Escort services picked my interest since then,not for me though,just considering it for a friend 😎 . I have not done a concise research on what their 401k is and what nots but i hav come here to share what i do know/have learnt about it.

1. Some of them have corporate offices and are registered for buisness.

2. Unlike general stereotyping,its not a whoring buisness with a fancy jobtitle..They are usually introduced to their clients through Chaperones.  The whoring buisness is what it is.. WHORING.. and the people that hook them up are referred to as PIMPS.

3. Escorts are very refined people.. they actually have to obtain certification from finishing schools as well as Health and safety training,basic first aid trainings too.

4. They are usually adviced or made to buy insurance, for their life or body parts,should incase of incasity!

5. They operate on a “no-sex” policy…Their job description begins and ends with providing you with an enviable arm candy,and making sure you are the life of the party or whatever gathering it be.

U see those ones that sleep around and strip,they are merely Hookers..

An Escort flies first or even business class,lodges in  atleast 4-star hotels and knows their wine,french,italian,south african… their table manners are noteworthy n flawless..most of the times…

and before every job,they have to study their clients mannerism and interest,in order to make a suitable companion.

If u are wondering how come I know these things… I know somebody that knows somebody..

Its a rather interesting line of work,dont u agree?


Jemjem. :o)


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