RWB~ Radio without Battery………limitless entertainment

So, I got the idea to scribble down this when I remembered this pet name I had as a kid. I knew what Radio was called in Igbo when I wasnt even certain of what less complicated words meant. so “Iche-n’ekwu-uka” the Igbo word for radio was dotingly my pet-name from my dear uncle. Apparently, i was (is) quite the chatterbox.

i don’t mean to be talkative. most times i even try to form the “I-dont-talk-too-much-quiet-goody-two-shoes” and end up failing Woefully. Every attempt I have tried at not being talky has so far proved futile. Some viciously aborted. somehow people are able to deduce within an hour [or even less :(] of sitting with me that i am a ‘talker’. Almost everyone i meet parts from me with the “that funny talkative friend of yours” impression. Some even said I’m like a time-bomb, no need to participate in unnecessary conversation, just throw in a line or two mid-convo  & I’ll have everyone rolling in a fit of laughter.

Personally, i have accepted this “gift”. I don’t mind it at all when people describe me as talkative,after all, we are THE life of the party 😉 we make the greatest conversations and we can get along with anyone easily. it is an innate gift that has come a long way to help me and make me a better person.

However, I find it paramount to issue this DISCLAIMER right here!! Loud people/Troublemakers/People that have no gauge or brain and honestly can’t tell when to shut up can not be said to be sharing this gift with me. I am neither loud, rude nor a gossip. I think I should also mention that i am deathly allergic to people like the aforementioned, I am not even sure I can sit in the same room with such people. So far, I have successfully met my Kin and have formed the appropriate bonds with them. Y’all know yourselves. I appreciate every one of you, God bless you all.

See how magnanimous I am??? I started out this post as a self-wash and somehow i have come back to singing praises to all the beautiful people in my life. I couldn’t be selfish, even if I tried QED!! selflessness is another one of those  gifts I have,which sometimes dresses up as a weakness…but thats story for another day.

Peace, Love and Happiness.




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