JuSt BeCaUsE….

It takes few things and little things to draw the most inspiration and encouragement one needs.
I have a ton of stories to share on here {yah, yah…heard that before >_>} but… I just weak to type.
So like I was saying, small things may be all the inspiration one needs to get great. Like, my friend made me write a feature for his blog (he is a popular writer, atleast to me, a great writer) which is a narration of how my last weekend went. Hopefully the response will be the encouragement I need to harness this my greatness.
I MUST be great in this life o! Una hearrr???!!!
Anyway, that’s not why we are here I’m sure everyone has a story on how much they want to be great, I am basically writing this because I promised Uncle Awesome something to read, an exclusive.
See, he is a great person like that (I call him Uncle Awesome duh!!) I could venture turning this piece to be about him but that will be wrong on so many levels. Sorta like idolatry  :-p (or plain old-fashioned wash) and might even reveal TMI (yah! We don’t want that) & y’all know (or not) how expressive I can get when writing.
Anyways, (again!) I am not particularly writing a story here, more like acquainting Uncle Awesome to this part of me. My favourite body part ♥s to scribble (yes, my hands are my favourite) this is where I do my own gossip–the goodwill, the judgement, the exaggeration,  & the what-ifs…. I love a happy ending.
I am going to stop writing now cause my phone needs to charge. Hope you enjoyed reading this.


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