Their effort will show you
The portion they want in your life.
Not their words, promises or
Intentions…their effort!”
– Rob Hill sr.

Its actually as simple as that.
To some of us, words are not just enough WAJE.
I have made several decisions recently based on the above.  I didnt have those exact thoughts framed in my head when I was allowing the influence.  I just know that there is a lot of falsehood interfering with our daily lives and when it came to making informed decisions about what is important and what is not, you need a head clear from prejudice and deception.
I came across the RobHillsr. post on Instagram. Apparently the young man spews a lot of wisdom related to our time, and I find myself agreeing with his opinions half the time (or all the time that I manage to actually read his posts).
I try not to be delusional in my dealings or relationship with people, realising that circumstances and situations play a major role in affecting the changes that people go through.
I am probably the wrong person to meet for love relationship advice, so I am not giving any per se. I am just saying what I would expect for my happiness. I am blessed to have known what love is firsthand from my immediate family. I know that love makes imperfections perfect without making excuses, it seeks solutions to problems without casting stones. Love chastises,love forgives, & love pays attention. Reason people do a lot of stuff and put up a lot of falsehood is to keep the attention of the ones they think matter.
I am not about that life please!
My wants are very simple; if you care for me, I expect you to be there for me. If you are interested in being in my life, please try to keep my attention.  If you are going to say nice things to me, I will be more impressed if u do nicer things for me. More often than not I have put people on pedestals because of some really tiny but nice act. From going out of their way to give me rides/keep me company/buy me stuff/call me/text me, I understand that they have my good interests, and I will gladly return the favour. These are the nice people.  These are the important ones.
Don’t worry about the relationship that failed because 3 months down, y’all arr still waiting for who to call first (shame on both of you actually) cos if it was important to you,  you wouldn’t need a reason to call. Dont worry about people that miss you

like crazy

but cant find time to text you.Nobody is ever really that busy, we are a multitasking generation. One word is enough to assure the next person of your attention.
Be nice people. Even the great good book says Do unto others what you want them to do for you,  not say!
Words are good,  but not just enough.



4 thoughts on “W.A.(n).J.E

  1. Very nice read, However many people who would read this are most likely to view this through the lens of the female in the relationship which is probably not unconnected to the fact that the writer may have written completely from that point of view. Hence, substituting this view with that of a man (i.e. assuming that a man wrote this) sheds a whole new light on the possible answer ( assuming that the post is a question). There is this fairytale perception of relationships promoted by western culture, media and globalization, which seems to fill young girls (usually in their early childhood and teenage years) with the notion of relationships being a “Princess + Knight in a Shiny Armour” story ALL THE TIME- meaning a huge percentage of women become immersed in the illusion that feelings, attention, and all other emotional aspects of relationships belong solely to the woman and it is the man’s responsibility to ensure that such aspects are at optimal levels every time. While this may have some levels of validity in it (considering the fact that the male personality by design is less emotional) , it ignores the fact that Men too have needs – in some cases, such needs are more physical than emotional. So while rolling out requirements such as “Keeping my attention” and “Being There” , bear in mind that such requirements go both ways. Perhaps what is needed is an understanding of the origins of the word “Couple” in relation physics and mechanics meaning- two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines. Keywords there are “equal and Opposite” which indicates that for a couple to work ,it has to be a give and take equation. Attention has to be given in order to be received, we have to be there for others in order to have others to be there for us. Perhaps the quote by Rob Hill sr. should be modified to read –

    “Our efforts should show them
    the portion we want them in our lives.
    Not our words, promises or
    Intentions…….our effort”

    – Interesting write up though on a very interesting topic. Wasn’t aware you write. Big ups!


      1. lol. I am just reading what I wrote down. Didn’t realize it was that long oh. I guess its an issue i’ve been wanting to give a reply to……


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