13 Curtains

For myself,  I promised I was going to do another post..at least one more to round up the year.
So here we are.
Inspiration on what to write kept on popping up at odd times, when I couldn’t spare my battery or reach paper and pen.
I decided I was going to share a little on my lessons of 2013 or the experiences and the lessons learned (what is life when we stop learning?).
It appears the older I get the faster the years go by. There is hardly any time to get everything on our To-do list done, so we endeavour,  do our best and let go of the ones that we couldn’t catch up with.
This is the greatest lesson I learned in 2013 – Letting Go.
Too often,  we are saddled with so much and too much, some of which are totally irrelevant but we string them along, because “you just never know” & “you can’t tell when you will need it”.
These things maybe spiritual, material and in form of human beings.
I am guilty of all the forms.
I can’t assume to have totally learnt this lesson but I can say I have made progress.
In 2013 I learnt to let go
-Of relationships; friends and people who didnt have a future in my life but I kept them because I was uncertain, prejudiced,lonely, hoping to change them and whatever other reason it is I gave myself.
-Of possessions…clothes that I may never wear again but love,shoes that hurt when i wear them but I couldn’t let go of cos they were so pretty, bags that were jus occupying space because truth be told, bags only look soo good on somebody else in my eyes..
-Of feelings that may never be reciprocated, be it admiration, respect, repentance and even the elusive love.
-Of hurt and pain,judgements and reasons why I undermine myself. Why I think I am not good enough. Weighing myself down and killing my spirit.
-Of challenges that were sucking my confidence. Its not all good though,  because in the eagerness of letting go, I let go of some challenges easily, making it seem somewhat like defeat, so I have work to do here..so that the balance created justifys letting go when I do.
And other habits which I let go off and my memory too decided to let go :D.
2014 may not be the best year of my life but I thank God that I am going to be older and wiser.
How dare I say I didnt have a good year when I enjoyed an abundance of good health, journey mercies, laughter and relative peace? 2013 is/was/has been a very beautiful year. If I was to count my blessings it may start to seem like bragging after two sentences. So for modesty sake, I’ll pass.
If u have testimony(s) & lessons learned, please be gracious and share in the comments box below.

God bless us in 2014!

Peace & Love,


4 thoughts on “13 Curtains

    1. I learnt that that that, errrrm, I’m not ready for love and too scared to hurt the one(s) I’ve got a lil crush on. Crushes come and go but love is a decision. We are in 2014 now though. Kachifo nu.


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