Looking in from outside.

This is me talking about something that is absolutely none of my business, but musings in my head which I have found almost necessary to share.
My age group seems to have just discovered facial hair/beards because recently, more than ever, there have been too much fuss about facial hair.
So I started to wonder, has it always been a big deal with the male folk or this as a result of coming of age of the male folk around me?
Trust me, this beard issue has been causing so much buzz and fuss, you cant even believe how much fuss these our brothers make for the beard. Its kinda equal (it is equal!) to the fuss sisters going natural go through.
With encouragement from pop culture (Hello Rozay..*grunts)(thankfully its just his style of beards that became a thing and not his overweight nature) the facial hair fad keeps growing popular.. notice how I keep referring to beards, not moustache or goatee…apparently those ones don’t really count.


I mean, its that serious…there are sites dedicated to posting pictures of your beard and have random people comment on it ( see ratemybeard.net and beardboard.com) & the @beardsntats (sp?) on twitter.
I had to ask some of my friends what this meant to them. Some of them were making transitions to #beardnation (Hello Ike) & others were struggling to be part of this “elite” group (hugs Tai :-)). They were gracious enough to share their stories and ‘before&after’ pictures (which I am not sharing on second thoughts) so we can understand if the presence of beards make them more Manly and appealing


Honestly, they put in alot of work o. Did you know that they employ hair growth formulas and ethanol to aid this growth process (well the less hairy ones,  not all of them). And its also believed using shaving stick to shave makes them grow faster (shaving stick as opposed to what biko :-O )
There has to be a worthwhile reason why they go through this.


Its not all about the appeal for some of them though… some are experimenting, trying out new stuff/a different look or jus reliving the legacy of their “heroes” *see
Ikemba n Oliver De Coque*


Doesnt superman suddenly look stronger with all that hair??? 😀
Okay, I have fooled around enough. And I am going to leave this post sitting on the fence. I have no preferences. If the hair makes you look better (and well groomed), perfect. If your fresh face makes my toes curl, you will be required to shave twice a day :D.
I enjoyed doing this…you are welcome for everything new you learned today…
Humour me, let me know if you are #TeamBeardNation or #TeamTobeyMaguireinSpiderman (aka Freshfaced) in the comments box below. Share and let us know why!!!!



3 thoughts on “Looking in from outside.

  1. Well, there is a reason why there is a fuss amongst the age group you talked about. Its because they are still boys and are still very much concerned about superficiality . Also the opposite sex at that same age ( even some in their late 20’s) are are still heavily wooed by the same superficiality. But as a personal opinion, I think it doesn’t matter. A man can look attractive either ways. Besides, as boys grow up, they quickly learn that success and persona both qualify as the beauty of man and the women also come to this realisation later ( not all though, some still dream late into their 30’s) . Keeping Rozay’s beard doesn’t define your personality, neither does it add to your list of achievement’s. As Arsene Wenger says, the real job lies on the pitch. Ask Jay Z, Obama, Tupac to name a few……

    PS: My personal preference would be full time Rozay Mode…….Seems God suspected I would have taken full advantage of it so he took preventive measures from afar …..lol


  2. Team whatever works for you. Gotta know what fits that face of yours. If you’ve got horrible hair like I do then do the needful and use one of these, Clipper/shaving stick/bottle (If u no hold ba and ur own bad pass). Fine boy na still fine boy o. Don’t start believing that you’ll need to look like you’re carrying the rainforest to appear sexy or manly. Kachifo nu.


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