As Random as Random goes…

This content may be taken down later.. maybe not.. I don’t know. I am not sure. I have not decided yet.
Among the things I fancy most in life, I find that I am a sucker for sound.
This is clearly expressed in how much I love music. As long as you are making good music. My taste in music is variant and I probably love it most because I love words. And when I find words and sound mixed in a superb combination,  I am definitely blown away. Most likely why I appreciate rap,  because it usually comes disguised and represents depth, intelligence and wordplay.
This is not what I came to share though. My music appreciation post has to come delicately worded to avoid any ambiguity. Neither am I about to share the sapiosexual side of me… I am not entirely one.
I am however unashamedly a sucker of people who speak well. Be it English, be it Igbo or whatever vernacular. Or maybe its the ability to maintain flawless English after switching to vernacular that makes me hyperventilate *I exaggerate. I remember the first time I heard Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Odimegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, speak, I was gassed… tears dropped, I could  have foamed in the mouth. That was the moment I got sad that he died. I was never going to be privileged to have a conversation with him. I totally forgave Bianca for marrying him (not like I was upset before), if someone who sounded like that propositioned (I am trying to stop saying “chyke”*sp?) me, Omo! Let’s not embarrass ourselves.  His education was showing in 5D as he spoke. It was not accented or “phonerised”. Just a vocal expression of his intelligence and education. The diction was PERFECT I might want to add “in my opinion” here but its my blog, I can say what I want to! :p !!!!
I have made the most unlikely friends because I love what they sound like. Unlikely because like Ikemba, they were not so much to look at (if I hear u judge me!) but when they spake… looks are deceiving my brothers I tell u. And ICING on the cake, they make beautiful conversations.  I UNASHAMEDLY LOVE GISTING!!! I just followed some account now, personally I am not a fan of the opinions shared there but my gosh! Its not “phone”… its English language.  And I LOVE it!
I can only hope I sound pretty dope too. I am consoled because my sisters sound pretty amazing and people cant tell us apart on the phone.  So YAAAAY \(^-^)/
OK… I think the train of random has exhausted its fuel. So we shall have to park and “refill”..
If you think you sound great too, we should have a conversation. Seriously.
Call me. Or not. 🙂



4 thoughts on “As Random as Random goes…

  1. Sapiowhattt!!! *coughs* … and they always said I was the one always playing with complex words. Nice write up, doll (random or not).


  2. I’ve always thought you’re meant for the word business. Beautifully written random thoughts though. I’m also a hopeless unrepentant sucker for good diction. Working towards becoming better than Chimamanda Adichie.


  3. Nice write up baybay now I know I’m the only one that’s not good with words *crys* but you’re soo right, it wonderful listening to people who speak intelligently and have a way with words albeit one sided lol


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