For U-See

Its Uche’s birthday today. He is by alot of standards the most interesting person I know. Our friend has adequately expressed how we feel about him and the only flaw in that is that I didnt write it :-/
Please join me to share the goodwill and say a prayer for Uche Onwukwe, my friend and my brother.


In communicating
You ring up friends only to say ‘hi’ but end up talking for ’10minutes’.
Having a conversation with you involves a topic being stretched across its boundaries and picking inspiration from different places at a time.

With your eyes
You pick things that others will casually allow to pass, and make it your duty to point them out (- the improvised paper shoe pad, the unequal carved eyebrows).

With your mind
You think out of the box, even when the box is the only safe place to be.

In language
You know the right expressions and appropriately use them, pointing out grammatical errors.
Your Igbo is like music to the ears; nothing is central about it (- the very entertaining Owerri dialect).

Your truth
Is always direct. You cannot just twist your feelings to sound nice even when you try (-
“Your mother is prettier than you even…

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