Short stop⏳

I have never quite understood why the politics run in my country is more sentimental than logical.
On radio, I heard a  particular zone in Rivers State, Ogoni to be precise, clamouring for their “indigene” to be the next governor of the state because over the years, in spite of their sacrifice and support and service to the state, an Ogoni man is yet to occupy the government house.
This just makes me sad.
You mean these leaders can’t be chosen based on their competencies???
They probably have not brought forth a worthy candidate to run for office, but no, it’s more dramatic to cry oppression.
Personally, it makes me sick to think of all the paralysis this tribalism, ethnicity, and zoning is causing my Nigeria. We cried/cry foul at the white man’s racism, but all they called you is black. These people segregate down to the street they live in and think it’s fine. Sigh…
I call bullshit. I don’t know if my voice can be heard loud enough to make a difference.
We should pick our leaders based on their credibility and potential competencies. Not this mess we are currently tangled in.
Na we go first cry when they put their teeth on our resources.

Happy 2015 elections!!!!


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