There’s a list of things that I keep, where I note occurrences, inventions, actions that puzzle me.  “How did that happen? How did they come up with the thought?? How was this done??? “… Some of the thoughts(questions) that qualify my puzzlement. Some of them really simple, some more complicated, others, I seem to enjoy the surrounding mystery so I don’t bother to uncover the – behind the scenes.
The exceptions being the ones that fascinate me incredibly, which I now insist on learning for myself.

While in secondary school, there were this identical twin girls (err, duh! I went to an all girls school), if you went to school with me, you would definitely have an idea on who this post is about(not the blonde hair ones, no ;))  (I’m just narrowing the guesses, really). These pretty young girls from JSS1 to SS3, found a way to always be among the top 3 in class.

6 sessions. *
3 terms per session. *
24 Form orders. *
12 examinations. *

*figures are ideal, I understand some people had it different.

This is the stuff celebrities are made of. If this was Billboard Top 100, they would have been in the top 3 for six(6) years!!! (All I can see is the Dollarsss rolling in!!).
But unfortunately, it was not the Billboards.
And apart from the glory that came from having their names announced during assembly, and the awards on prize–giving day,  and the possible perks of being the teachers pet, and having your classmates suck up to you, that’s about all the glitz that came with all their (hard) work.
I was probably coming up with a cold when the competitive gene was being shared round(this is not a self-bashing post I promise) or maybe it was shared after 6pm and if you know me, you know 6pm is bedtime baby!!  😁😁
Anyways, what I am trying to say is I never made that top 3 list, closest I even came was Top ten, and that was good enough for me.
So yes, these girls were topping class for 6 years in their different classes and you are probably wondering what kind of classmates they had.  I can stand from a good place of authority to tell you that they were no dunces (I was one of them duh!).. And that they had their fair share of competition. This is evident in the unstable positions they occupied; first this term, third the next and all. Irregular like that.
Until now I hadn’t even ever given it much thought, but I would love to know what their motivation was.
Maybe all the gratification was from hearing their names during those assemblies.
Clearly, it didn’t  make them popular among their contenders. They were perceived selfish sometimes, too serious at other times, mehn, they had zero interest in socialising.  (Im not saying socialising has solved any of our third world problems, but hey! 😫)
They were book-hugging every chance they got and that’s how they stayed top.
How did they form the habit/discipline, I wonder. Could it be they had overbearing parents who gave ultimatum and had expectations that MUST be met? Were they robbed of any fundamental life experience as a result of their bookwormish lifestyle??

By now, you may have deduced that apart from being my classmates, I had minimal personal relationship with them. This is not because they intimidated me (please! Which human likes to hang around people that make them feel inadequate? :roll:), I just preferred to admire them from a distance.  I have them on a couple of my social networks  na, so we are cool in a manner of saying.
Anyways,  now that I am older and wiser, I’ll share what I learnt from these girls-

1)Having a twin is a precious life experience I have missed. Have you seen twins fight?  Phenomenal!!!
2)Getting to the top is hard work, staying top is even harder work. You haven’t known sacrifice until you have worked to keep what you have worked hard to get.
3)There are different forms of gratification. Delayed gratification being the best of them all. (✌✌Ottih, for making me read “The Road less travelled”)

I may never be on the same competitive level as most of you, but a little competition is good motivation.
Peace and Love…


One thought on “I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY DID IT.

  1. Going through your own sabali moments. 🙂 It takes a level of emancipation and ‘Know thyself’ attitude to experience these ‘what-makes-the-earth-spherical’ moments. Beautiful


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