Rapunzel (how it would have ended in 2014)

Long ago, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful princess. Her name was Rapunzel.Her skin was the fairest in the land and her hair the silkiest in the land.
Her father was the kindest king the land had ever seen,and his subjects were loyal to him. They were sad that the widowed king had to raise the princess all by himself and were very relieved when he announced that he was courting Esperenza, the fair maiden in the land.
He soon announced that he and Esperenza would be getting married,and Rapunzel was the most excited for her father.
“I would have a new mother” she excitedly said to her father when he told her the news.
The king and Esperenza were married on a very beautiful sunny day. The birds sang sweetly and the people wore their most colourful clothes to come celebrate with their king.
The king and his new queen ruled the land together for a short time,before the king passed on. He fell ill and did not recover.
As heir to the throne, Rapunzel was made queen of the land and her step mother her guardian.
This development made Esperenza very angry. Rapunzel was growing wiser and more beautiful everyday and the kingdom warmed up to her better than they did to Esperenza.
Esperenza got more jealous and let the envy and greed grow in her. She listened to wicked counsel and hatched a plan to lock Rapunzel up in a distant tower and have the kingdom all to herself.
While in the tower, Rapunzels hair grew in incredible lengths , such that her step mother could climb on it. Realising this, she had Rapunzel braid her hair in a twine and destroyed all exit routes and sealed the doors and windows, leaving only one window.
“When I call for you, like this, Rapunzel Rapunzel , let down your hair for me to climb, you will know that it is I, and u will let down this braid and I will bring you enough supplies to keep you entertained until my next visit” she instructed, to which Rapunzel nodded solemnly.
“However,if I find that you are disobedient and letting someone but me up, I will cut off your braid and you will be unable to get any supplies until your hair is all grown again.” Esperenza threatened menacingly, satisfied with the gasp that Rapunzel let out.

When Esperenza announced that Rapunzel had run away, unable to deal with the death of her father, the king, the villagers set out on a futile search to find the princess turned queen.
They solicited the assistance of neighbouring kingdoms, who were very willing to give their help.

It was on one of such search, that the prince of the east kingdom, came across Esperenza, calling for Rapunzel. He was enthralled by the wonder he saw and as soon as he was sure Esperenza was long gone, he went and repeated what he had heard her say.
Rapunzel was sure it wasn’t Esperenza when she heard his call, but was curious to see another human asides Esperenza after so long. She walked to the window.
“Who are you?” She enquired.
” o! Fair princess, we have been searching for you for so long,please let me in,so that I can help set you free.” The prince replied.
” what is your name , so that I may know who is so foolish to defy the king” Rapunzel asked
“My name is Robert, prince of the east kingdom” he answered.
Rapunzel let down her braid ” quick, come up before someone else comes along and hears”
The prince climbs up and him and Rapunzel have a very long conversation. He fills her in on all that has been happening. Rapunzel expresses her fears at escaping. Saying she wanted to have a working plan before letting herself out.
They agreed on more regular visits.

On one of Esperenza’s visits, she noticed there was something different about Rapunzel. She suspected it as the glow of a woman in love.
She began to keep watch and pretty soon confirmed her fears, as prince Robert, like clockwork came to visit.

As soon as she was sure Robert was gone, she called for Rapunzel and didn’t miss the panic on Rapunzels face as she climbed in.
” yes darling, I know about your little lover.” She confirmed and Rapunzel gasped.
” I warned you darling, but apparently, you didn’t take me seriously.”
She brandished a razor, and the sharp edges of the razor glistened in the lights.
“Now you learn.”
She set to scrapping her hair. She didn’t stop until everything was gone.
She then bunched them up and used it to let herself out.
Rapunzel, bald,cried herself to sleep.

A couple of days later, Robert came calling.
Rapunzel went to the window.
“What have you done with your hair, my love?”
Rapunzel, mid sobs, let Robert know what had happened.
“No fear, my love, yours is legendary hair. It will be all grown in no time.”

Robert spoke too soon.

Among the reading list Esperenza had been supplying her,was a journal promoting the natural hair movement,and Rapunzel was very interested in this. She started to throw out all the hair straightening products she had. Deciding that she wanted the kinky hair,she stopped all her previous silky hair routines.

Rapunzel grew a ‘fro. It didn’t enable Robert to rescue her from the tower.
Rapunzel had her happily ever after with her hair.

The end 😀


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