We are probably starting to sound quite elitist with the titles /themes for our writing.
We are nothing like that.
Believe me.
Im going to give a little narrative. And then I’m going to end with the translation of the word. And then it will all make sense.
The year 2015 is upon us. As Nigerians , a new election process is come upon us too.
I have lived through about three electoral processes and I am yet to vote in anyone.
Opinionated critics will say if you don’t vote the good people, you are stuck with the bad people, and it doesn’t even help whatever cause I am hoping to protect.
That is one fence that I am willing to sit on comfortably. I would usually tap the space on the fence next to me, beckoning you(whoever) to come sit by me too.
You probably wonder why. The answer is pretty simple.
Matthew 7:4-5.
We are a bunch of hypocrites sharing this nation. Quick and easy to condemn the actions of  the  ruling community, because they are under the spotlight. But conveniently sweep under the carpet our own offenses.
One of the most dreadful places to have me go to are government parastatals. The officials are inconsiderate and rude half the time, that knowing you are probably at their mercy, u swallow all the pride in you and suffer the aches of necessity.
So for a change, I am not going to talk about our corrupt leaders.
A tree cannot rot and die(or die and rot, whichever comes first) without its seeds and branches dying first.
When a leader is (s)elected into power, I trust that a cabinet is set up for him. People he consults before he takes decisions, and people that bring “fresh”  ideas to him. Let me not beat a dead horse talking about how they are the problem.
That one na confam.
Im more about the people who hover around them as staff. Drivers, butlers, waiters, tailors. These people always have the most opportunity to have the deepest and personal conversations with their bosses, our leaders, and are able to effect the changes we crave.
If I share personal experiences, you may find them unrelatable but I know one reference we can all agree on. The Bible. Egypt was delivered because Pharaoh listened to the recommendation of his servant, Naaman was healed of his leprosy because he listened to the recommendation of his servant etc..
So basically, these people are the revolution but they do not realise the power they wield. Or maybe they do. But have no interest in being the sacrifice.
As long as they remain comfortable and unaffected, there is no cause for alarm.
So we sit back, and continue to point fingers.
Apparently, until we change, corruption is something we are going to have to find a way to live with daily. Because we all have work to do but would rather ignore our responsibility and wait for miracle.
Dear Brethren,
It’s not going to happen. This is one work we have to do for ourselves by ourselves.

Backpfeifengesicht (German)

It means a face badly in need of a fist and yes I have not successfully pronounced it.

So the next time I hear someone super complain about the failure our leaders are, I feel like they are begging for it.
There are people walking around the face of the earth(yes pun!) looking like it would do them a world of good to oblige their faces.
Knuckle Sandwich a la carte!!!


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