Should a woman have the right to abort her pregnancy?

The only thing I care for you to understand when you are done reading, is that my argument is pro-life.
I have always (always ) gotten stares from people when I don’t react to news of abortion as an abominable act.
My argument has always been and will always be “a woman has no right to bring into this world a child she is not able or ready to raise”.
So does this mean she is justified to abort as many pregnancies as she deems fit until she is “able and ready”??
The only reason most people put up their noses when they hear of abortion is because they never look beyond the woman’s reputation of being wayward; Unmarried and sexually active.
But there is more to abortion than Unmarried sexually active women.
A woman maybe saddled with this decision to make even from her stable married home.
This may be because, she already has the number of children she would love to raise and probably already started on the family planning but conceived before the procedure kicked in or something .
She may be faced with such decision to make   when inspite of her ability to raise the child, cannot because the pregnancy poses a very strong threat to her health.
A woman may toe the line, when she is in an abusive relationship, and is seeking to protect her unborn child from the abuse she currently has to live with.
A woman may be given this choice too, if during an examination, the doctor discovers that the unborn child if born would be ill. Heart condition, physical deformity or whatever grave ailment that the doctors believe that makes abortion an option for the mother to take.
Also, in defence of the sexually active unmarried women, motherhood is a lifelong responsibility that a lot of women find daunting. Being unable to muster the courage needed to walk the path, they choose to abort instead.
The Naysayers are probably going to come with the “why are you having sex if you are not ready to have children” argument. I didn’t realise that the only reason people had sex was to procreate.
Anyways, I am only here, being passionate about children and all.
Why would you bear a child only to abandon the poor infant in a dumpster /bin silo/abandoned building /strangers /Public toilets?? Did you just realise that you were not ready?  Some of these children end up in an orphanage /motherless babies home and grow up yearning to be loved. Some may be taunted with stories of how they were found, and grow up feeling unwanted.
An aborted pregnancy is better than raising five children when you can only afford to raise two.
An aborted pregnancy is better than a woman of questionable habits especially drug abuse, raising a child in her polluted environment and in turn introducing the child to her questionable lifestyle.
An aborted pregnancy is better than a woman who loses her life carrying a pregnancy her body cannot support.
Motherhood is an instinct God blessed us with. It is the sixth sense of all women. So just like mere men may lose ability to use one of the regular five senses, some women also have malfunctioning mother instinct. Hence are unable to be strong as mothers need be, loving , forgiving, intelligent, have strong moral values and discipline to raise children of value to the society.
Children are a blessing from God, never a burden or punishment. They should never be made to feel like such.


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