Twenty Fourteen

For the last day of the year, we thought it was only right to do a walk through our year 2014.

I was recently corrected from my undermining of my achievements this year.
And all that I earlier felt, was replaced by a new feeling.

Thats a description of how I feel about 2014. Really grateful.

So what I had unmet goals.
Im not about to look back on the year I turned 25 wistfully.

It was an interesting year. My friends may not know this, but they gained a better friend in the course of 2014. I probably used to shield my Insecurities and shelter what I thought my business, but I think this year, more than I ever have, I put myself out. It was a roller coaster tbh . Having my old self sneer and say “this would never have happened if xyzghbvf…”.

More than any new thing I learnt, I enjoyed not caring the most. People ought to learn to mind their businesses and stop being hypocritical. The freedom from their opinions, exhilarating. Because honestly, those who matter don’t care, and those who care don’t matter.
My favourite lesson of the year was abi is the importance of a Plan B. I used to  think it meant ur plan A was fickle and you were not willing to give 110%. I learnt I was wrong in that thinking. Whats a plan A without a Plan B?? (wise words from Akon) 🙂

I’m twenty six in a bit, boy am I getting old or what?!
My 2015 is filled with goals. And because I don’t fail at anything with my shirt on, I’m going to  throw out the shirt if need be. Figuratively of course, close ur eyes.

On the lighter note, I’m sorry if u didn’t wed in 2014. Just send me your invitation if 2015 works out great for you.  Just cut out the Aso Ebi deal, unless you can convince yourself that we are Besties and I can’t tell you “No.” because this year(as in next year) I am hardly spending any money on that, this year… Let’s leave it in d past. Biko.

So,  Happy new year everyone.
Im wishing us a year that fulfills God’s plan for our lives. And a realisation of all our dreams that we are afraid to say out loud(and the ability to say them out loud first :D)
God bless us all and keep us in 2015.
I love you. If for nothing else for reading Jemmyma’s Blog.
And yeah, Voting is ur civic responsibility. Dont not vote and start bashing the leaders the next chance you get. Nigeria is ours to protect. Best believe that!

Peace and love and six pacs in the new year,
See you in the new year!!!  ✌🚶🚶🎊🎆🎇


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