Up until I started to write this, I had never considered script writing before, but I guess thats what a challenge is mainly about. My concerns while writing this was basically if I was representing the writing style well.I hope you enjoy reading it though.xoxo


John Kore, is a regular young man, who works at an IT firm as a Technical consultant. There is nothing peculiar about John, save his handsome face and his awkward human relationships. He is 27 years old with a queer habit of losing interest in people. He is as a result of said habit unsuited for monogamy.

Meet Gina Thorpe, special advisor to the secretary of state. Older woman (about 36 years old), and very beautiful. John treats her best among his girlfriends because he sees a lot of himself ( and all he wants to be) in her.  

Chika Nwanda is a Newspaper journalist. The first of this current set that John is dating, and the least attractive of the three. She totally adores John but John thinks of her as weak sometimes because of her timidity and dislike for confrontations.

Crystal King, same age as Chika but still an Undergraduate. Rich Kid and Vain so John meets up his need for adventure with her. She shows John off every chance she gets and John laps up the attention like a dehydrated dog.


Crystal King’s Apartment.

The light in the room is flickering because a young woman is playing with the regulator. Crystal King, 24, is prancing the length of the room, and ignoring her friend Sarah, who appears equally restless judging from her toying with the light.


SARAH – I would really hate it if dressing up is a waste.


Crystal starts at her voice and blinks twice animatedly.


CRYSTAL – and what do you mean by that?


Sarah leans up from the bed, her face expressing her unwillingness to argue.


Sarah- I am just saying. It’s been two hours since we called to say we were ready. We could have taken a cab, but no! (Rolls her eyes)

Crystal – I don’t take cabs to the club, ma’am. You of all people should know that by now.

Crystal turns her back to Sarah, stares out the window and rolls her eyes in defiance.


John Kore is driving quietly with Chika Nwanda in the car. They are both quiet and the RnB music playing on the radio is the only audible sound.

Chika looks pale and John looks guilty, glancing out of the window repeatedly into the other passing cars.

Chika sits up, folding her arms and hesitating to speak.


JOHN – something on your mind boo?

CHIKA – (reclines back into seat) no, nothing.


John turns to look at her and gives her a playful punch.

John – not even me?? That hurts boo!

Chika manages an unsteady smile and pushes away his tickling fingers.

Chika – concentrate on driving please. If you get us in an accident, there won’t be any phone to speed dial for help, and nobody can reach us.


John half-smiles, eyes widening in realisation of what was really the bother.

John – surely you can’t still be upset that I didn’t call or text before showing up?

Chika – Just let it go John, I wasn’t implying that I was upset. Let’s just go see your mother, okay. I wore make up as you can see, because you said once how much she loved make-up, let’s not waste it.


John chuckles and speeds up a little. Chika can’t read the expression on his face.

Chika – what? What is the new grin? Or is it a smirk??

John – don’t be ridiculous, I’m just giddy that I am taking my girlfriend to see my mother. You know this means we are pretty serious , right? We are quarter to engaged!


Chika blushes at that and from the satisfied smirk on John’s face, mission accomplished.


Chika’s office, she is talking excitedly on the phone.

Chika – I can’t wait to recount my evening out with le boo.


Chika – please hurry back, you know how I feel about phone conversations.


Chika – don’t be silly jor! Jealous ke. If na by fine, you know say na you and am suppose dey play na. (wild laugh) alright Doyin honey, see you soon, take care! Bye!

(Chika reclines in her chair still beaming from ear to ear.) John is hinting marriage, Doyin. He wants to marry me. (Chika whispers to no one, still clutching her phone to her ear.)


Gina is strutting down a corridor, as with a cloud of confidence hovering over her, she acknowledges greetings with a small nod. She almost bumps into john as he is walking out of his office.


John – oh my gosh! GINA!

GINA – (cocks eyebrows ) surprised?!


John half smiles and reaches for an unsteady hug.

Gina – is your phone broken?

John – oh Gina, you are such a trip! Always ready for a fight.

Gina – whatever Johnny, whatever!

Gina walks past him , into his office, drops a small parcel at his desk, does a double take at him and hisses before banging the door shut behind her.

John’s colleague, Peter peers up from his crook of the cubicle.


PETER – whoa! Is Gina always this fiery?

John – best believe. (begins to tear open the parcel)

Peter – even when… (his exaggerated pause and grin interprets the unspoken)

John – (looks up and laughs long and hard) like I said, best believe!

Peter – damn! you is a lucky man (and they share a high five)

John – she got me a new phone, imagine that?!

Peter – I don’t even want to know what happened. You are just a lucky idiot!

John – and her contact is already saved! (laughs) on all platforms.

Peter – how did she manage that? You told her your password? Are you looking to die?

John – chill man! I am IT guy, no rats are loose.


Peter nods animatedly and stretches his arm for a knuckle handshake.


John’s apartment. He is struggling with his keys, laden with folders and bags, door opens into the darkness, with the silhouette of an older woman on the other side.


John – shit Mom! You scared the crap out of me!

MOM – shut up John. ( she turns on the light and walks to sit on the couch) you do deserve to let all the crap that you are letting stay in you out. ( she taps the sofa beside her) come sit baby, you have me worried.


John rolls his eyeballs exaggeratedly, drops his bags and stuff on the counter by the corner and drags his feet over to where she motioned.

John – everything okay?

Mom – you tell me, you have brought home three girls to see me and introduced them as girlfriends. Is there any pressure to settle down that is causing you to have such short-lived relationships?

John – (eyes light up) is that why you came?

Mom – of course! I was worried. I needed to reassure you that there was no need to try to rush and marry on account of my ailing health. And also make sure your heart wasn’t getting broken so much. Cos surely you can’t be dating all 3 at once as your sister insinuated.


Johns grin widens and his eyes betray him.


Mom – NO! Johnson Kore! You are leading 3 women on?! how could you??!! Baby, I raised you better.

Mother looks genuinely shocked, she reaches for her phone and dials in such frantic, causing a puzzled look to come up on Johns face.


John – who are you calling?

(..speaker phone activates as the call is picked)

Voice – hey Mom! Se o wa pa?

Mom – Bree, this is no time for linguaphilia. You were right! Johnson is actually dating all 3 of them. AT ONCE! THE SAME TIME! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Bree – Yes Mom, I actually can. I have always told you, Virgin Mary already birthed the saviour. Your hopes on birthing the saviour or a saint is not quite fetching…

John – (cuts her short) what is that supposed to mean Bree, are you mad?

Mom – shut it, the two of you! What is this nonsense?

Bree – I don’t know why I am being called. Mom as you have heard, your baby boy wants my opinions very far from this matter.

John – Yes Bree, both you and mom need to stay very far away from this matter. It is really none of your business. Mom you have said that I don’t have to rush to marry, I have heard.

Mom – so you will cut down on the number of girls you are dating?


John – sure thing!                (At the same time.)

Bree – Fat chance!



Scene opens in a mall with the three ladies at different ends in the same jewellery store. Crystal is with a male friend, Duncan, and is obviously seeking his opinion on her prospective purchase. Chika stands looking fascinated over the cufflink counter, while Gina is specially attended to by the store owner, and she is gleaming from the attention. Zoom in on Crystal and Duncan.


Crystal – ultimately Duncan, you need to get yourself a girlfriend that you can grow with. I’m not that girl for you man.

DUNCAN – ooshe grown woman. I have heard you. I have heard about your Johnny rockets and fireworks. So where is  your grown man na, and why has he been acting up? Sarah told me about the other day, he stood you up. Again!

Crystal – you and Sarah have absolutely no right to be talking about me or my personal relationship. Gosh! Are you people that bored??

                (Duncan lets out a sarcastic laugh and throws Crystal a playful punch. Crystal tying to dodge the punch bumps into Chika, sending the items Chika was examining clattering on the floor)

Crystal – OMIGOSH! I’m sorry!!   (she bends over to help her pick them up. Chika uses hand gestures to reply that it was okay. The store owner gets concerned and comes over.)


STORE OWNER – is everything okay here?

Crystal / Chika – Sure, yes.

Chika – it was a little accidental bump. I have picked up everything now.

(Gina stares intently at something and then walks towards them.)

Gina – you look awfully familiar, have we met? (She is stretching her hands towards Chika as she speaks, who awkwardly takes it in a handshake, shaking her head in the negative)

Chika – I am not sure. I can’t remember. ( she stuttered, looking intimidated by Gina’s persona)

Gina – I’m Gina Thorpe. Special advisor to the State secretary.

Chika – Chika Nwanda. Oh! I am a journalist, that is probably why.  I have been around your office a couple of times to cover some news.

Gina – (smiles) it has to be. (Turns to attendant) I’m so good with faces. It is a blessing and a curse.


Crystal and Duncan are feeling awkward , just standing by and watching the interaction, so she tugs Duncan’s elbow and mouths “let’s go.”

Crystal – sorry again ( she half whispers, trying to sneak away)

Gina – oh love! Sorry I totally just interrupted. Your sister? (She directed the question to Chika again) 

Crystal – nope. We had never met. I bumped into her by accident. My name is Crystal King and this is my friend Duncan Adih.

Gina – Nice meeting you people then.( they all exchange awkward smiles and Gina takes the store owner away by hand. )


Meanwhile in the hallway, Peter is staring wide-eyed at the scene before him and is shaking his head wildly. He docks when Crystal and Duncan walk out the door of the store and reach for his cell phone.

Peter  – Yo! Johnny! WHERE ARE YOU?!

John – whats up Pete?  I’m planning my week as usual.

Peter – you are never going to believe what I just saw. Your ladies! In the mall! Shopping together!

John – I don’t understand.

Peter – wake up man! I think it is either you are getting played or your shits about to hit the fan, and the stank won’t be pretty at all! Crystal, Chika and Gina are some sort of bestfriends because I just saw them shopping  together. JEWELLERY FOR THAT MATTER1 and they were all laughing heartily.

John – (bewildered) FUCK!

Peter – Yes, Fuck!

John – How on earth is that even possible? They are different personalities.

Peter – Don’t ask me man. I’m only an innocent bystander with no opinions on the matter.

John – Damn! Are they still there?

Peter – I think Crystal went to the bathroom but Chika and Gina are still shopping in the store.

Look man, I gotta go. I don’t know how, but you have got to fix this before it blows up in your face. Whatever is the case, it is not good.

John – Alright. Thanks Man.


John looks downcast. So downcast he throws his phone on the wall and watches it bounce off the wall. The phone screen cracks badly and John’s frown breaks into a small smile.

John – (thinking aloud) when it rains, it pours. First I had to fight with Mom and Bree. And now, I have been dating sorority sisters, who God knows what they are scheming. (lifts hands to head in resignation, and lets out a long sigh.)



Gina’s office, she is clearing out her desk for the day, then calls from the intercom her secretary.

Gina – Glory , hope you remembered to cancel all my appointments from noon?

GLORY – yes madam, I did.

Gina – good, I’m out of the office tilltomorrow. I’ll forward my calls too. I am going for a very important meet.


She clasps her briefcase shut and walks out the door, nodding in acknowledgment  to Glory’s greeting as she passes her.


MAN IN SUIT – Gina! Wait up!


Gina stops and turns to see her colleague.

Gina – good day Sir, I’m off for the day. A little emergency.

Man – ah! Hope all is well?

Gina – (smiles) ah! Tamuno, yes, John sent a text. He is expecting a couple of people for lunch and wants me there. I’m guessing it is his mother and sister.

Man – oh nice. That serious,ey? (Winks)

Gina – you are jumping into conclusion oh! Abeg, byebye! Have a nice day Sir.

Man – you too my dear, regards to the Mother-in-law. (grins)

Gina – (shoots him a side eye) Right. (continues to strut down the hallway)



Johns living room. The furniture has been rearranged and most of the lightweight ornaments have been removed. Peter  is sitting and thumbing through a sports magazine, while John is pacing the room.

Like clockwork, all three ladies arrive at the same .  punctuality being one of the strong suits they all shared.

Gina, in her air, didn’t pay attention to them and walked right past.

Chika is checking her face in the rear-view mirror, anticipation adding a twinkle to her eyes. She is retouching her mascara when Gina walks past her car, so she doesn’t pay her any mind.

Crystal is the only one who observes that the two ladies look familiar as she alights from Duncan’s car.


Crystal – look Dee, it’s those queer ladies from the mall. The SA ones.

Duncan – Haha! Yeah! Them two too. Imagine that.

Crystal – Who woulda thunk it? Such coincidences. (Shuts the door) thanks Dee, I appreciate.

Duncan –  anytime Princess. Do let me know if that punk won’t drive you home.

(Crystal smiles and waves. She walks to the door of Johns apartment to find Gina standing there, tapping her foot impatiently and dialling a number.


Crystal – Hi, Gina right? ( Gina startles and wears a smile)

Gina – yes (squints eyes to emphasize attempt at recognition) we met at the mall weeks back, right?

Crystal – yes. Crystal.  My name is Crystal.

Gina- (smile widens) yes. Yes. forgive me. I am good with faces but not particularly names. You are a friend of Johns?

Crystal – (smiles) its ok. Yes, I am.

Gina – Imagine that (chuckles)


Chika walks in on them.


Chika – Hello There! (The Surprise is shared)

Gina – oh wow! You people must be Johns plus two?!

(They all exchange puzzled looks)

Chika – has anyone knocked?

Gina – I did. For some reason, he has changed his locks, cause my key isn’t working anymore.

Crystal / Chika – YOUR KEY???!!!

(Gina raises her brows)

Gina – Yes, John is my boyfriend that’s why I have keys to his apartment.


Chika clutches hands top her chest and starts to sob. Crystal has a more delayed response.

Crystal – (Wide-eyed) JESUS!!

Gina is befuddled.

Gina – what is going on with the two of you?

Crystal – (wears a smirk) judging from the little lady’s reaction, I’m guessing John has been dating us all three , at the same time.



Crystal holds a Chika that swoons and is about to fall.


Peter and John are on the other side of the door. John is sweating profusely in spite of the 10’c temperature in the room.

John – Now what Pete? This was all your idea.

Peter – whoa! My idea? Bro, this is your mess. I’m only here for the entertainment Mr Fine Boy. (Bends over in laughter) Remember “the ladies never refuse a fine boy” “I am so lovable plus I have enough loving to go round” (mimics Johns mannerisms and laughs some more.)


John is not amused but ignores Peter, who is not very helpful at the moment. Peter calms down.


Peter – ok. Ok. Since you are asking my o[pinion. You should open that door and talk to them. Its bad that you had them all three, its worse that you are humiliating them like this. You shouldn’t think so much of yourself.

Besides, I’d love to see how little Miss Fierce tears you apart.

(John eyes Peter real hard, but Peter only stifles his laughter)

John – you should get out of sight. I’m about to let them in. (Peter nods and saunters away from the living room)

John opens the door, genuinely sad and looking downcast. He manages to look up to the faces of the women who have been in his life these past days, and made him happy. If looks could kill, the death stares would have charred him down.

John – (clears throat and finds his voice) I’m sorry.





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