The thing I am most passionate about.

Passion, sometimes I worry that there is not enough of it in me. People talk about stuff they consider as their passion and all the time I’m probably sitting or standing there thinking to myself, is it ever that serious?
I have gotten on and off the path of self discovery a couple of times, trying to convince myself of where my passion lies.  They say it is that thing you enjoy doing the most.
LOL. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing. I love talking, writing,reading , listening to music and singing along among other things. But am I passionate about these things?
Anyone who knows me at all can tell how important family is to me. And family represents loyalty to me. Can we settle for that as my passion?
I love goofing around too, general pranking and random yabbing. This definitely cannot be a legit passion. 😂I am a very serious-minded individual. I know how to get the job done, I only do it differently.
But I found the common factor in all these things I have listed is happiness. I do not compromise my happiness. At every point in time, my actions are determined by what will make me happy the most. My mother was the first person to identify this in me.  I can’t forget the pride (pride because at that point it represented a positive energy)  with which she said it to me mid convo. She said that is the best thing about me, I don’t like to involve myself in anything that doesn’t bring me happiness.
“if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.. “.. Its a line in a song. An alternative rock song, can’t remember song name or artiste name, I can only say it made the soundtrack in Crossroads (remember that Britney Spears movie, with Zoe Saldana )
Basically, what I am trying to say is in protecting my happiness, I may get over my head, and be outrightly wrong.  But does the fact that being happy is my passion justify the wrongness of my actions? 
They say you excel the most at that which you are most passionate about.
I guess I am already off on a good start.  I just have to set up parameters to keep me in check.  So that I don’t use selfishness or some other related badness and draw in negativity.
I have also mastered the art of glorying in the smallest victories. Its like mental feng shui .  Flushing out the negativity with the positive energy.
So since happiness appears to be my passion, daily I device means to stay happy.  If tweeting the hours away will bring me that gain, so be it.  If a phone conversation with you will satisfy that, trust that your phone will be ringing till you pick up. If laying in d dark and quiet will do the magic, consider me nyctophiliac. If sharing this blogpost will make me happy, u already know that is why it exists.
Am I 100%Happy, you may wonder. 🙂 I am still living on earth, darling, shit happens here on the daily. But remember, I count the small victories. And it pulls me through. So even if I am not a hundred percent Happy here and now, I can’t think of who I would rather be than me, and that makes me happy. So I am good.
They say Passion is important. Ok. Let’s all agree to that in the sense that they didn’t say it is the ultimate. After you discover your passion, then comes the main work.
I think I have my share cut out for me 😀


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