Five Hundred Naira

Apparently new love is not the only cure for a block(the writer’s kind). Old constant love is just as effective.
Its my Adanne’s birthday today, and we are celebrating majorly. No election drama and what not can get in the way of all this Joy.
She has been in my life for the entire of it and not in one year of it has she fallen short of amazing. She has been Gods gift to me that keeps giving. But this post is not about her.  This post is about how her awesome being shed light on something I was letting wallow within.

We celebrated a day early and went all out to turn up with the kids at some orphanage close to our house. It was such a delight. The kids, their zest, and their strength.  What they didn’t have in privilege, they made up for it in strength. What they didn’t have in recreation, they compensated in full with a robust sense of humour. And y’all know how I feel about the sense of humour.
We had an amazing time, tbh . We prayed, we sang,  we danced, we ate, we drank.  We even had a little serious conversation. Talked about how it was important to maintain good behaviour and good grades in school. It wasn’t even my birthday but it was a most blessed day. The most useful three hours I had spent on something in a while.
When we had to go, the rain helped in hastening our speed. My sister gave one of the older kids a N500 bill, as thank you for her assistance while we hosted.  I cannot aptly describe how her face lit up. Not because my skills at describing need work but I fear I’d do it no justice. Her smile, so beautiful, and wattful. Her dance, she couldn’t keep her body steady. The entire defining elements of her body were synchronised at that point to express her gratitude and appreciation. I was deeply moved at that.
Granted, most of us are reading from a more privileged point of view, so it might not be entirely logical to ask when last we were excited at receiving N500, but the truth is we have forgotten how to say thank you. To express gratitude at gifts, looking at them as entitlements.
There are no such things as entitlements in this life.
All that luxury ended in Eden.
The minute God declared that man work for his keep, he activated the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude within us.
So we shouldn’t wait until it’s that Samsung galaxy note 4(hint hint) we have been pining for, or those things we had ruled out as beyond our reach that is being gifted to us to be genuinely excited or appreciative.  If another could think beyond  his unending wants and needs to spare to share their blessings, they deserve a mini shuffle and a beam of smile.  Even if you think it’s just N500. It appears the blessings that come with giving is activated by the  thanksgiving  of the recipient.
Thank you for reminding me of this.
Happy Birthday G.
Me love you long long time.
My only Adanne.
Ugebe oyibo 🙂
Nwa ndi ocha 1.
To greater years ahead.  Of course it’s only up from here.  Thanks for everything you mean to me.


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