I woke up today, feeling like It has been soo long since my last birthday. Birthdays are soo awesome, I’m starting to feel like they are all that ever prompt my writing.

Coodibee that birthdays are my muse???

Anyways, I decided I was not going to sleep tonight without leaving something hanging out my head.

I have found that I am an easy conversationalist ,that is the politically correct way of saying talkative except I have no interest in the said conversation. I’d like to think I picked it up from my dear uncle Emmanuel. He remains the greatest conversationalist I have ever known. I may not have been around much but believe me when I say, Daddy Emma is king.

I recently had cause to start to analyse and evaluate how I became friends with most of the people I am friends with now. Quite a good number of them, I actually remember the first time we met, though the story retold from both parties may differ. My finding in all of my minor analysis is that most of my friendships were built on awesome conversations; upbeat , humourous, witty and sometimes 🙂 intelligent. In none of them have I ever had to be accosted with “hi, I want to be your friend.”

Dear Accoster, did it not feel weird to you saying those words?

Am I the one who is shallow and can’t understand if there is more to that “being friends” (which I wasn’t, because I clarified).

I can imagine your liberal heads saying “Ahn now, it’s not that bad,do u kno if that’s the persons style?”. I agree we all have our rights to chose what behaviour to adopt, but ejor, proposition for friendship?? Is it not tasking enough to have to toast babes/ dudes, now I also  have to toast my friends and deal with impending rejections too. Haba mana, it’s never that serious.

ILike to make my own friends. There are certain things about them that I find endearing, and that is how we bond. Not because you want to be my friend. What if I don’t want to be your friend? Is it also ok if I am your friend and you are not mine? As your friend now, are there certain responsibilties that you would expect of me?

What is worse than the above is coming under the guise of being friends when from the start, you definitely want more. Have you heard of the friendzone fam?! It’s realer than  heaven and hell on some days. Getting past those borders and assuming your original plans have been compared to finding a cure for cancer, almost as impossible. You clearly don’t want to depend on a major determinant like that for your happiness.

If you are guilty of this bad behaviour, stop it. You put the person in an awkward, very awkward place. Especially if they have just met you. Clearly you set yourself up for  the negatif you would be served.

I am already all y’all’s friends. No?





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