Double Standards

I have had a very hard time dealing with Twitter for a while now and this has deeply bothered me. it means everything depreciates in value with time. and this has always dampened the way i feel about stuff, realising the excitement wears thin eventually. i dont know how i am getting by, considering i was hooked to my twitter.

Todays appearance on le blog has Twitter to thank for that.

I found the time to actually open the page and scroll, and guess what they were serving on todays episode of bants?


I like how everyone just goes ape on that one topic. the guys hardly offer any support, and the girls, in my opinion are not thoroughly convinced of what they preach/practice/promote.

So this is my take on the entire matter ;

Am i a feminist? As in, you are asking if i would promote equality in both sexes in ALL aspects of my private and public life? LOL! hell no, I would very much not want to be allowed to carry heavy weight or change my tyres, not because i cant, but i would rather not. not when there is a man that should be impressing me with his manliness. thats like allowing a good thing go to waste. and that is a bad bad thing.

Do I support the school of thought that woman be treated equally? are you asking that if i am in a male-dominated gathering and i have an opinion I need to share, i am going to have to purse my lips and withhold myself because a woman should not speak in the gathering of men? Like hell i will! that is some very tasteless joke. i will probably expend the choicest words in my vocabulary on that day……

11/06/2015 :

I had earlier published the above post, but lost it to bad network. Months later, this bit is still sitting pretty in my drafts and i am trying to do a clean up of the drafts.

I decided to put up the incomplete post. i cant possibly recreate the creative line of thought i had earlier when I wrote the above, mostly because i am still pained by the loss and it is blocking out the inspiration.

Secondly, This is for Osisiye Tafa and his catching trend of incomplete posts.

so yea, Peace, Love and Happiness,



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