Sophia Vergara

This is not a post about Sophia, I promise.
Heck, I could probably do only 5 sentences on her if I tried. So, no fear.
I couldn’t find an appropriate title, so I improvised.
Disclaimer : The following story is absolutely fictional. Any likeness or semblance to your situation is total coincidence  (& there’s something you might want to see at the end of it).
In the meantime…


“Shirley is having a life band at her wedding. Did you know that? She says Marcus insists.” This was from the tallest girl in a gathering of five girls at a breakfast table. They all had lilac bathrobes on, which clearly meant they were uniform for something.
The updo hairstyle would be a giveaway that they were bridesmaids.
“I hope they are any good. I’m sorry Shirley,  but I can’t dance to highlife music…” “you can’t dance to any type of music” someone interrupted and the rest of the table laughed.
“We have to hurry. Shirley wants to be a punctual bride,lets not be the reason she is late.” Faye said. Faye was maid of honor so the rest of the girls were sort of her responsibility.
Two hours later, Shirley is at the vestry of the church, sitting and waiting to be called for her procession. Her Dad is fussing over how his baby is leaving, while the girls are trying   not to notice that Marcus was remarkably late and his groomsmen already arrived.

The alarm on her face could not be disguised. She stands stunned and they stare at each other for a bit. He is looking like a deer caught in the lights.
“You came here instead?”she finally asks, trying to steady her voice.
He nods.
She fights her expression for a bit, while he stays searching her face.
She steps away from the door and works wordlessly into the house.
He shuts the door behind him and follows her lead.
She settles for the love seat in her den, he pulls a stool to sit and face her.
“Say something Sophia ”
“Say something? Marcus, really?”
“Fine. I’ll say then.
I have not spoken to Shirley yet.
This is not because I’m cowardly or anything. Or because I want to leave that option open still.
I only just realised that when you said happy married life with that smirk, you were daring me.
I couldn’t afford the gamble.
So I came here instead.”
Sophia unconsciously reaches for his a little shaky hands.
” You don’t think we are being a little too selfish? ” Sophia was crumbling inside and her voice was giving her away.
“I have not figured out how to let Shirley know. I figured I’d call her or something.
Or be that coward I despised earlier and let them do the math” he manages a chuckle and Sophia smiled.
She closes the gap and kisses him lightly.
So lightly it tickled a little.
Or maybe that was a loose hair hanging.
“As long as you are my coward, it’s alright ”



The whispering and muttering around Shirley was increasing.
She was fighting the urge to ask what’s up. She had tried hard up to this point to not be a bridezilla.
Marcus was running late. Very late.
She didn’t know how late because she didn’t fancy brides that wore wristwatches so she didn’t get any. The clock in the vestry was out of order,  so she repasted a smile on her face and fiddled with her bouquet.
That’s her mother’s voice. She turns to face her and instantly panics. Mother is half crying!  Whyyy??!!!
Her mother embraces her and whispers “Marcus is not coming”
Shirley drops her bouquet. The beads go clattering across the floor.
She let’s go off all the tension,  agitation, the unbelievable pain and starts to cry. Her friends gather to help comfort her..but clearly there was hardly anything anyone could do for her.
Shirley had dreamt so much about her dream wedding to Marcus. It had nothing in common to this disaster that’s her current reality.
Loosing herself from the embrace, she whispered to be left alone.
Her mother rounds everyone up and shuts the door behind them.
Shirley searches for her phone in her emergency hold-all , switches it on and speed-dials Marcus. Call doesn’t connect.
Shirley sits again,  absolutely torn.
“I can’t believe this is happening to me”.



“Did you hear about Shirley? ”
“Hear ke? I was there live!”
“Chai. Poor thing”
“I know right! She didn’t deserve it at allll”
“Thunder fire the next man that tries to pull that “I’m different line” on me. I mean, if Marcus,  perfect Marcus could be soo evil, imagine the ones who are now outright sleazes”
Ginika was always the dramatic one and the girls laughed at that one.
“I have not really heard the gist . biko, do you know what exactly happened? ”
“Sadly, I do.
Marcus had this girlfriend since secondary school. She was his mate and all. I heard they broke up because after their first degree she was insistent on going to study medicine, and wouldn’t marry before she had become certified. Marcus’s mother has a problem with that. Wants all her children settled before she retires and orchestrates the break up. Marcus meets our Shirley through his mom and likes her enough to date again. As rebellion though, he waits until his mother retires to propose ( the girls laugh).
Somehow Marcus and that girl meet again, I think her name is Sophia or something. Nothing has changed between them and Marcus chooses to wait for her instead of marrying Shirley ”

The “Awwws” from the girls are quite confusing at this point, you can’t tell if it’s pity for Shirley, or because they are thinking ‘awesome love story’.

Oh! & I promised to share a lesson at the end. 😆
Moral of the story is ensure to eliminate past competition who may pose this kind of threat.😐 don’t ask me how.


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