With Love, from Michael.

My friend, Michael is not a writer. Heck he probably hates writing ☺
So I am certain that when he was composing this broadcast message to send to us , his “nearest and dearest” he wasn’t thinking about swaying us with words. His only concern was to remind us of what is really important. A truth that many of us(+1) have lost touch with. I couldn’t keep it to myself so I thought I’d share it.  Michael is a great guy. He knows that I think this of him too. I hope his message blesses you as much as it has blessed me. He sounds so confident so yea, I’m sure he made a lot of sense.
God bless!
Sun 23/08/2015 14:20
BBM msg:
It is funny how we are gradually losing sight of the most important thing and chase after others. even our churches preach prosperity, victory over bad dreams, meeting “Mr or Mrs right” while paying little or no emphasis on what matters the most.

you will get that big promotion, you will have that dream spouse, drive that dream car, have lots of cash in that account cos it’s God’s plan for us to prosper; but all these to what end?? some of us even glory in our righteousness forgetting that it’s but a filthy rag before Him and that u should take heed lest u fall.

in our pursuits of the luxurious life God has for us, it’s important not to forget the most important thing: making Heaven!! remember it’s not by works but by grace :).

so, is ur name in the Book of life?? Think on this!

Michael Adeboyejo.


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