Nice Nigerians.

This past week I came to realise that this country of ours,  might be great in this my lifetime.
I’m about to share the reasons why I think so.
1,Wedding duty marathon = High heels marathon. I must have missed my step or something but in the entire buzz of events,  I didn’t pay it any attention (or even notice). The aches came on Monday and so did the swelling. It left me walking with a limp, and there was always someone who offered to help me – “Can I help massage it?” ” Can I help rub it? ” “Can I take you to where you are going?” ” Do you want to put your feet up?” ” Have you gotten it checked again today?” The offers and concern were deeply touching. My recovery was 80% emotions and 20% medication.
2,Then came Friday, one of the most emotionally excruciating days I have lived through. And just when I was looking forward to sleeping the rest of the hours away, I discovered I had left my phone in the last cab I had taken on my way home.
If you live in Port Harcourt , you will understand my exasperation at losing my phone at Slaughter.  I’m borrowing strangers phones to call my number and they are not hesitant to help.  Long story short, the next occupiers of the cab found my phone and took it to a police station.
3,Then came the most amazing thing ever that day. I met a Nigerian policeman who was actually my friend. It didn’t cost me anything to get my phone back.
Like I’m still amazed. It did happen, I encountered a policeman who didn’t take advantage of the fact that I was at his mercy, or who wasn’t nice to me because of what he could get from me.
Shout out to Inspector Dan and Mr n Mrs Solomon.
Then Saturday,  I’m in the supermarket trying to buy chewing gum. The Nigerian in Me is afraid of long queues and the port Harcourt in me is addicted to shunting. So I walk up to the woman getting attended to and ask if she could help add my gum to her stash. She doesn’t even hesitate and refuses to take my money. TOTAL STRANGER O! and it was not N200 gum o.. nor one packet that I was buying.
Are these not the contents of a better community /country.
I remain hopeful that this country will be alright in my life time. Especially when I look at my peers, feel their resilience and dignity in hard work, not paying any attention to excuses that are ready-made for their circumstances, walahi if this country doesn’t get sorted out by these people, the swear go from village come!

My friend status on BBM says- find a reason to win, it pays to be a winner.
Me I’m already rolling with the winning team:mrgreen:
Peace & love,


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