Do you remember

I cant believe 2015 is winding down already.

I mean just yesterday I was posting a selfie on Instagram minutes to midnight, expressing my excitement at the hope of a coming new year.

I can remember my birthday eve. The problem with being born in January is that your birthday comes too early and goes by too quick. Lets not talk about all the people who don’t get you any presents under the guise that they are still broke from the past Christmas holiday.

I can still remember the joy I felt at the return of the hamarttan  (sp?) season to Nigeria  can we address the part where i don’t know/are unsure of the correct spelling of harmattan later? It was such a joy to deal with cool mornings and wear warm clothes under the scorching sun because sometime in the morning you felt your earlobes going numb and your nose pink even though you are darkskinned. And the beautiful music that came from your wooden furniture cracking, and the silent prayer that this is not the day they give way, and you lose more ornaments than you bargained.

I still remember the election season and the drama it brought in its wake. The bonds it formed and the friendships it may have ruined. It was an epochal time for Nigerians all over the world, and indeed it was a fun time as any, to be Nigerian.

I still remember all the goals and resolutions made at the start of the year and i really cant believe 2015 is coming to an end and a good number of them are still that – goals and resolutions.

Were they loftier than you had imagined?

Did the realisation that you may have underestimated your challenges slow down your stride?

I have felt “unenough” a good number of times this year. Found myself asking “why bother?” a good number of times. Thing is, I am “why bother?”ish about a lot of issues in my life, and until i found out that it wasn’t a rhetorical question, but a very important one which demanded an answer, did achieving my goals start to mean more to me.

They weren’t just goals because i planned on doing so and so before a certain timeline, they were goals because they contributed to my growth as an individual.

Do you remember how all the little achievements you pulled off made you feel? Now imagine, how the bigger ones would make you feel.

Do you remember the beam in the eyes of your loved ones as you shared these dreams/aspirations with them? In an ideal world/Life, that in itself, would qualify as love and support. Ideal because we would be looking out for these things and they would mean something to you. Never overlook the small stuff.

Its at least 60 days to the start of a new year, its okay if you feel like giving 2016 a head-start, but I’d rather you make the most out of what is left in 2015.

Peace & Love,


PS- Happy Birthday Duzzy & Gozzy!!!!

Thank you for every way you support me. I hope i come through for you half the way you do for me! 🙂


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