Today I missed you more than anything.

I was occupied with all the nonsense and ingredients I have filled my life with lately, and in the midst of all the buzz, all I wanted was to be able to share the victories and the exasperation.

Pride won today.

Well, not pride in itself, but the bleakness of the effort. There didn’t seem to be any hope of getting the requisite warmth from sharing. You seem so far away now. And I seem so stuck up. or stuck on.

Either ways I’m stuck.

Its Christmas eve.

The colleagues are partying in the next room. I snuck out a bottle of wine earlier and I have gone through it in 30. I’m not in the least buzzed.

It would help much,if I could be remotely in the spirit that everyone is supposedly sharing. I couldn’t be the worst in the room.

ps-I’m tipsy.

Happy Birthday Niran, the Dealer of my Black Doktor. A commemorative one yeah? 😉


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