….So she asked how much I would  be willing to pay. That she wanted to know how much my GP meant to me.”

I caught that bit from the conversation of a lady on the phone as she walked past me. I was unable to hear more because we were both in motion in opposite directions, plus the wind bobbing in my head as i shook  it must have interrupted the auditory transmission.

I may have jumped to conclusion , but i can bet good money that it was the right conclusion. Judging from her snide tone, i couldn’t be wrong to have assumed that the lady was talking about her grades in school, and the school personnel who was asking for money to give her good grades. I would even go further to say that the bit of the conversation I overheard was of her narrating to her “friend” about her “bargain”. “How much i was willing to pay” would be indication that a price had been named and met with resistance. ” How much my GP meant to me” would be a warning that you don’t want to go for less if you really want the grades to stay up.

This is the current state of most ( for fear that saying “all” might be a right generalisation) educational institutions. My heart gets broken every time when I meet someone, who as a result of the state of the system have become less learned than they ought to be.
I once met an 18 year old who had a problem identifying colours but was an A student. In my head that is impossible. You can’t possibly know the difference between the nitrogen cycle and water cycle ( I assume that’s the kind of stuff they know) & not know the colour purple!

Real Nigga Tears.
I hear this was a Mathematics examination :’)

I see their potential, I hear their eagerness to do better and I cry some more.

I think of becoming a teacher sometimes, but I know my impatience already loses me cool points. I have resorted to only people I think will have an easier grasp on affairs.
They say the structure is getting rehabilitated. All I see are whitewashed walls and new roofs.
It’s not enough that the outside looks pretty,how about the content, sir?
Finding teachers who are passionate about their job may be hard but can we at least set up parameters that make it worth everyone’s while???

Are these Teachers adequately equipped to actually impart knowledge. Do they even know the subject well enough to be able to teach another? Are the training colleges rigid enough to ensure that discipline comes naturally to the prospect teacher?
Can we encourage our friends who have such jobs to attach more importance to their responsibility? That they are actually doing all of us as a society by being “less concerned”? Can we ask them to not replace money for the value of the education they are responsible for imparting?

Can we teach our wards the beauty in education, integrity, honesty, actually doing our exams/tests and knowing that our brain was our most priced (priceless) asset? Can we encourage them to pursue excellence and nothing less? Atink they said “shoot for the moon and even if you fail, you will land among the stars.

I like school and all the opportunities it presents. I wish the standard isnt this mess it currently is.




2 thoughts on “Decay.

  1. Hi Jemmyma,

    I have to agree with most of the points mentioned here in your post. As a former WAEC checker, I have come across several write ups like the image you presented.

    I even remember one time in secondary school, we had a service in Church and the Pastor gave a testimony of how this:- ?? was misread as 77 for one student, thereby allowing him to score an A in the exam. I think almost all of us began praying for that kind of miracle afterwards!

    However, I have to disagree with the paragraph where you referred to an 18 year old not being able to identify colors. It might be safe to assume that he is color blind or color deficient. Many people are. Personally, I know one incredibly intelligent person who can’t identify colors. I don’t think this is a test for brilliance or the lack of it.


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