I Don’t wanna be a Valentine Grinch no mo’

Every relationship is basically a system that requires the act of giving and receiving.
Primarily you give love and receive love in return.
You give support and receive back uncompromising support. What is a relationship that is not a support system?
its almost Valentine O’ clock,and like clockwork, the bug has been set loose. There is the “tension” to not be left out in the spirit of the season.
There are the fabulous gift ideas, entertainment shows, sales promotions and giveaways to mark the celebration.

Personally, i am not a fan of Valentines day. I would even take it up a notch and say i am like the Grinch who stole Valentines day or even the Ebenezer  Scrooge of Valentines day but, giving is my forte, and I love to give every chance i get.
A good number of well meaning people are stuck in a rut of indecisiveness. They are unable to decide what to get their significant other to express their love for them. And because I feel bad for their plight,  I am sharing these few tips that have always helped me in gifting in the past. I am hoping at the end of reading this, it will have helped you come to a decision. So, Here goes –

1, Have a Plan ; Gifting is an art. And like every art, you dont just wake up one day and become exceptional at it. Even talented people like me required a couple of trials to get it right sometimes. Planning in gifting requires you to put a time frame and a number to your gift ideas. if you are like me and you plan on gifting your friends/colleagues/family as well as your significant other, it is wise to put down these names in a list, just so you do not miss out on anyone important. if its just the Boo (Boo and Bae are such catchy slangs,I cant help using them, forgive me) you plan on gifting, then there, your list is done. Now comes the part where you have to put timimg into consideration. If you plan on placing orders, be it an online buy, or a Cake order, you need to consider the time it would take your item to be delivered and give at least two days extra, to avoid dissappointments of any sort. most Bakers require at least three days notice on their orders. Please, dont call them a day before and expect a miracle.unless you will settle for “across the counter goodness”. On the bright side, some of them dont taste so bad, but is that what you would prefer?

2,Have a Budget; Please Valentines Day is not enough reason to break the bank. Your gift ideas should basically be inspired by what you can afford. Dont give in to the whims and cues of the lover, if it is certainly something you cannot afford at the time. Dont give in to the pressures of social media and advertising. As long as you plan on being generous, please ensure that you come up with a budget and that you stick to it.

3,Pay attention to details; This is the chief trick in gifting. people have various interests and things that catch their fancy. In the time that you have known this person, you should pay attention to what they are easily excited about and incorporate it into your gift ideas. it could even save you a buck or two, because some people have really simple tastes. Try to make Purchases in their favourite colours, and in stuff they are interested in. It might be new music, it might be in shows, books, electronic gadgets, whatever. Try to recognise this. Feed their Vanity. Feed their Spirituality. Mostly its the little things that count the most. You might buy them ordinary earphones, but because you got them in their favourite colour, they are absolutely blown away. it might be a collection of music from her best artiste. It could even be in you remembering her flower preference of Lilies to Roses.

4, Dont be Cheap; working with a budget does not mean that you settle for the cheapest thought that crosses your mind and hide under the guise that “its the thought that counts”. Yes Sir! (Sir does not have gender 😒) you are actually right, it is the thought that counts, and you are thinking “this wont cost me much.” thats why that gift is unacceptable. Unless your thoughts are more like “this is what i can really afford.” then , you have my blessings.
Be generous in your gifting. Gifts are actually meant to cost you something, thats the intrinsic value to the gift.

There, I shared my top gifting secret, and now y’all owe me gifts.
Bose earphones.
Thats it. Im nice enough to make it simple and not keep you guessing. I’ll be waiting for the delivery.
I hope you have a Happy Valentines day guys!
This will most likely be me on Valentine’s 😊😊😊

Peace & L❤ve


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