On Valentine’s day and acts of Service.

Valentine came and went.
But not before providing me with a beautiful opportunity to be selfless in love.
And I didn’t take it.
At the end of it all, I found myself thinking “you should be grateful that I…”
It made me quite sad. Near spoilt my mood all day. That I was unable to serve without a grumble.

I had a good valentine. As good as it could. At least it ended well. When I got over that I was still selfish, I proceeded to be a little love to the people I thought deserved it.😊
It’s hard to love unrequited love.
That was my finding for the day.
As I am not Blessed enough to be part of the immaculate Trinity, there is a very active selfish bone in me(and you). It’s probably on the left side of your jaw.
The definition of Love as being patient and kind could not be any more apt, even if it tried. A lot of us claim to be patient and on the same hand brag about being fiery when vexed. Throwing shades at your professed kindness 😕
Murphy Lee did say you can’t love someone unless you love you, & when you do love someone you know what to do.
Based on my earlier confession,  I might as well continue it by admitting that I don’t love a lot of people.  I think /say  I do, but my actions are steady judging me


Ah well,  it’s the thought that counts right?
WIP. 😊


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