The age of Becoming.

I was born on a Friday.
Can’t you tell?

I feel like every habit or distinct character that makes me remotely interesting is as a result of being born on a Friday.
Like Fridays, we are serious. But not that serious.
60% of people I know thank God for Friday’s.  I am basically a blessing to everyone because they are thanking God for the day I was born.

As has been established,  I’m big on birthdays, and the 2016 edition of my birthday already came (as usual) and went. I had a fun day. I tried to make it a memorable one as always & it worked. Now every time I refer to the 20th day of 2016, the wist will be real.

This was a special age for me. Mainly because it’s like my most anticipated age. For most of my life, I have oft wondered how much difference this age would make in my life. Funny it is also the oldest I have ever imagined myself. This bit makes me uncomfortable a little.
Because I’m steady asking myself “Now that we are here, what next?”
I keep anticipating some thing drastic to happen. Or for me to make a change that I had never considered.
I was talking about this with some friends and they had really colourful suggestions “maybe you should have a baby” “maybe it’s time you got married ” “maybe you should move to Lagos”….
Maybe I will. 😄
Or maybe I will settle for a haircut and bleached hair.
I was recently convinced that I would totally “tap” If I let the hair go…


That was the convincing picture.

Economically, it promises to be challenging for all of us. But hey, our Father owns the entire universe so, no fear.
I’m going to go in, go hard, give 100% & love 2016.

In all, the mantra is “no mediocre”. Go hard or go home.
It’s March already, and it seems like a good number of us hit the ground running this year,in spite of all the challenges we are having to deal with . Godspeed y’all.

I’m looking forward to the surprises from the rest of my life. I can probably say I checked all the boxes in my non-existent bucket list, and now I’m ready to start a new list.

THIRTY THINGS TO DO BEFORE THIRTY anyone?? I’m open to your suggestions in the box below 👇☺👇



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