Adventures of a Trot.

I took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool.
Of course I didn’t.
Say No to drugs!
I didn’t even go close to Ibiza.

I went on vacation recently with my friends. One of us got married and had planned a vacation wedding.
The timing was near perfect.
Near perfect because the economic challenges were at an all time high.
Near perfect because the chaos we were having to deal with as a nation were nearing unbearable. we needed the respite.
I spent about 9 days away and after my return, while I sat down waiting for my local transport,  it occurred to me that I didn’t do anything particularly new.
I don’t kid myself to believe that I am adventurous, but I’m not entirely frigid.
I am open to new experiences in a manner of saying.
So, the significant new things I tried was go on the Indian ocean  (which was breathtakingly beautiful) (when I am wealthier I am going to have fellowship in the middle of there, worshipping God for the beauty of his works seems so much realer! ) and drink Swahili tea( which is basically regular English tea with spices , but those spices up its game!!!)
At another time (when I am not waiting in the airport) I will give a detailed animated relay of my journey.
For now, I’ll share this picture with y’all…


Thats my gospel for today.
Peace and love,


5 thoughts on “Adventures of a Trot.

    1. Lol! Yes you do. Actually.
      But I’m particularly speaking to people who see travelling as a luxury and not an education, people who should ordinarily afford the time out but are held back by the thought of how much debit alert this would bring.


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