A vote for Parity.

I recently heard a man being called a womaniser.
“Oh, it’s such a shame. Fabian would be perfect if only he wasn’t such a womaniser”.
For reasons I can’t explain, I found myself wondering what the female version of womaniser is.
The dictionary didn’t help.  It defined it as “A man who habitually flirts with and seduces, or attempts to seduce,women.” Gave me synonyms but no antonyms.
I decided to ask some friends.
The response was uniform and unacceptable.
They answered that they didn’t know but suggested that a female womaniser may be described  a hoe.
I disagree because calling someone a hoe is derogatory. A taint on a persons character. A judgement of their choices. A womaniser ìs not typically derogatory. It’s more like a description of a person’s habit.
Certainly there are (I presume) women who love to ” habitually flirt and seduce, or attempt to seduce men”.
Can I vote to have “Maniser” as a valid word??
Peace and Love,
Jemjem 😗


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