What shall we name the baby ?

One of my favourite privileges as the youngest child in the house was the “monthly” (I’m not sure there was a time frame to it, it was often enough to be monthly but definitely not weekly) visit to the book store.
I was one of those rare kids who hardly played in the sand with other kids. Gimme a sheet with words on it and you would have me off your hair. So clearly this wisdom may be wasted in my ilk


It was on one of those random visits to the bookstore that I learnt the hard lesson of “not judging a book by its cover”…
I think Daddy must have said something about not buying more than one book (when I say book, I hope you understand I mean story books, comics, novels and the likes? 😐) or maybe giving me a price range I must not pass so when I picked up this book, I leaned over and gave myself a pat on the back for such a great pick. I hadn’t learnt the magic of reading the synopsis at the back of books yet, so I doublechecked on interesting cover picture and thickness of the book.
I had outgrown the attraction to pictures in the pages of books at this time, so this wasn’t something I looked out for, but it helped that the font was playful and small.
My sisters were waiting at home to see what turn they would take in reading my novel, and I was cheekily showing off my new book.
My face didn’t just fall when one of them(can’t remember which one exactly but I bet it was Fa’) told me it was not a real “book”, I flung the book so hard in pain, and I think I cried a little. I also cooled down on my book demands because apparently, the stores were stocking rubbish now wrapped in nice covers πŸ˜‘
Anyway, What shall we name the baby? turned out to be a book that guides new parents in naming their young ones.it had a list of names, their origins and meanings. The crib and baby and rattles and letter blocks on the cover did not mean baby crime detective abi mystery solver as I had thought. The title was indeed literal.

Moving on, I am big on names. I think they are very important and you will find me preferring “Native” names to “English” names. I may also like to ask the meaning of your name, I feel like your parents do an introduction to your life’s story when they pick these names.
For example, my name is Ijeuru. I love to think this name came to be as a result of my birth but no 😑, there were other Ijeuru’s in my parents life before the 80’s (My Aunt is probably a 1st generation Ijeuru ). So the year I was born, my Dad was on a business trip, and apparently it was a great start to the new year (I was born in January remember 😊) so twas a no-brainer to name me something so significant.
The version above is what I like to tell myself.
The other version I don’t like to tell myself is 😬 my parents didn’t quite know what to name me so they recycled names of the females in my Dad’s family. See, my middle name is Eunice, it was my Dad’s mothers name. My Father didn’t get to know his mother unfortunately, and after 3 daughters, he decides to name one after her just my luck!. According to What shall we name the baby? , Eunice means Victory (at this point I’m glad they chose grandma’s version of the name 😩) which is also of a cool significance and what not. So, that’s that!πŸ˜’
I sometimes wonder the “challenges” (If they can be called that) new parents face when picking a name. I know a few of us have a list of names we like the sound of that we are mentally noting to name our kids. What if your significant other doesn’t approve,& has their own ideal names list? Would you bend or join all the names?? (I’m looking forward to the Kaebubechukwura Jesulayomi Chrysanthemum’s of our future).

Please don’t make them the butt of their class jokes,it’s not pretty how mean these kids can be but the jokes are always funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The likes of Beyonce are trademarking their kids name who wants to name their child a colour kwanu? (Can someone remind JayZ he owes us a daughter named Brooklyn, thanks!) I’m presenting a similar opportunity to call dibs on the child-of-your-future’s name in my comments box ☺
Come oneπŸ™‹, come all πŸ™Œ



13 thoughts on “What shall we name the baby ?

  1. My daughters Igbo name would either be “Olaedo” or “Kainenechukwu” #justbecause! I’ve never really thought about English names probably cos I don’t have one, it definitely won’t be EuniceπŸ˜‚


  2. I’m beginning to love Mexican/Spanish names ( blame it on Telenovela) but hey I love the names Obianujunwa and Olaedo, dunno anything about boys name, guess will let the event of their birth guide me to such classic names ~igbosnamesmustdey!


  3. I like to think that I’ll name my children after people that inspire me like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Cristiano Ronaldo etc. I also have a thing for brave movie characters. I can imagine calling my son Morpheous and actually have our relationship like a real Matrix situation. These names would be a constant reminder to me that I’m raising a genius/star/phenomenon. I also don’t mind naming my kids after the month they were born.

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  4. nice article ije, my next would be Michael/Michelle depending on the sex so that my Archangels will be complete(i already have Raphael and Gabriel). Ciao!!!


  5. Kainenechukwu. This blame’s on chimamanda. Hope my partner would love them. I don’t have strength to fight abeg. So yes, Kainene. I love Native names too. Ngwa bye. Ije start thinking about a proper book o.


  6. I never even knew Ijeuru was an Igbo name throughout feddy. Lol. Mostly because of how we pronounced it.
    Same with other’uncommon’ Igbo names… Lol


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