Who advises you?

I don’t think I can successfully express how perplexed /exasperated the following affairs make me feel.

I come across certain actions/ decisions first time and I give it the benefit of doubt; It’s not possible one can actually be this badly informed or clueless, right?


I am going to give 2 cases to throw more light on why I’m “confused”.

Three sef if I can help it.

Case 1. I live in the garden city of Port Harcourt, whose glory is steady dwelling in its past (sadly). And very recently, a lot of road construction works were commissioned. I am going to speak particularly about Woji, because that is where I live,  so the experience is first-hand not hearsay.

Before the road works, Woji which is a prime residential area  (yes, I said prime! argue with your landlord), used to be a traffic nightmare. There was absolutely no order to the chaos or timetable to the madness. You could come out at 5am on a Sunday and still be caught in an hour long attempt to get out, because high human density and limited access roads.

But all that changed (FOR GOOD!!!HALLELUJAH! ). In 2014/2015 the road work was commissioned and dualisation started. And now we have two good lanes and an upcoming bridge (that bridge be like Nigerian artiste that have refuse to blow 😑). We also got a detour route that greatly reduced the traffic concentration, and a refurbished old road. The Lord is good, all the time!

Now to the “how do these people think?” part; I don’t know much about road construction but I have noticed that these construction  companies must think highly of roundabouts.

There’s no problem with that except that for a residential area, this company has constructed an almost 2km road with no exits and turn-ins except for the roundabout at the end of the 2km stretch.

Is this not a template for highways/expressways? Why would you want people who live on both sides of the road to do the long stretch just for everybody to jam at the roundabout,causing concentration which translates to traffic! Why?! Nigerians are neither patient nor sensible drivers to know and do better. Oh god! Who advises these engineers…don’t they have sense???!!!

Case 2- I’m an ardent twitter user. Gosh, I love twitter…this romance has had its highs and highs, a very good thing. A couple of days ago (or is it weeks?) a situation broke out on Nigerian twittersphere which had me very worried. It opened my eye to the fact that a lot of us do not know how to deal with confrontations.  I for one,doesn’t. But I have a formula that works.I stay quiet/silent/mute/absent in the face of conflict, especially conflict of this type. So a certain fellow, wakes up to some tweet from a lady, they are both twitter coo keeds BTW, (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to explain coo keed, except it should be really spelt cool kid). So the lady is tweeting to him, threatening to call him out, paraphrasing her words “you don’t know what’s coming for you”. And this brother instead of him to do like somebody that has sense and find out what this all about, has her bluff on speed dial, and calls it.

A couple of hours later, the matter have long. He is accused of some image-damaging (especially for someone who has a business built on his social media) acts. I am not here about the details of that scandal, I’m only worried about how he handled the matter. Who are his friends? Do they really not have sense,  or he is the one that refused to listen? His damage-control game was worse than weak. It was a disaster. So bad, he sent an injunction to her former employer. Ka gini we mee?? They should fight your battle for you because you know their address? Sigh.

Dear people, please wisdom is not exhaustive. In all your getting of family and friends, please find somebody that has a little sense and add them to your tribe. It’s very vital. They won’t give you a loaded gun to shoot yourself in the foot.

I’m still hopeful that when the road construction in Woji is concluded, they will revise the plan for openings. And that all the young people I know will make better choices ( me inclusive).

The 3rd case I want to talk about is My Governor My Governor. But that one, I believe his advisers are comatose or don’t exist entirely. Because I’d hate to believe breathing and eating humans surround him and share their opinions.

God help us all.

Peace and love, as always



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