A Dying but Necessary Occupation. 

I am one of those people who type in retardese for fun.

I am also one of those people who get irked when people type retardese to me when I am writing normal intelligent English.

Let’s just say I like to eat my cake and have it.

Or maybe I’m irked only because I don’t know you well enough to tell if this is how you type for real for real, or you are just having informal conversation.

However, in supposedly formal documents and articles, I find that retardese and other informal lingua is steady making its way to our pages.

There’s also the disaster of misspellings and inappropriate use of tenses (I’m trying to avoid saying bad grammar here).

For example, I once received an invitation to a seminar that read “Your invited…” instead of “You are..” and this is not a solitary case. It’s fast becoming a popular case. And my eyes bleed when I see these things.

Growing up, I once saw a job opening ad on a newspaper for a proofreader. I didnt know what it was or meant at the time, so I asked my Dad to explain what it meant to be a proofreader. I was way younger and unqualified,  but I remember thinking that it would be a fun responsibility to have.

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s a thing anymore. Being addressed as an editor is a more glamorous title. Besides with the rise in freelance journalism, writing and blogging, we seem to have convinced ourselves that passion to get the job done is more important than accurate content.who grammar epp?  The urgency of real time publications and updates hardly leave enough time for “skimming throughs” and “proofreading” so we have error-prone articles to serve.
I’m older and maybe informally qualified,  but I’d really love to proofread your articles for you. Because I know there will be many like me who share in my agony. I am volunteering to be the proofreading martyr. If you ever need help in that regard, I’m your guy.

Send me an email ☺

Peace & Love,



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