The post about Adjectives. 

We learnt that an adjective is a word that is used to qualify a noun. Qualify in the sense that it is supposed to describe, give more information on the qualities /characteristics of the noun.

Adjectives may be described according to their degrees of emphasis; in the Comparative and Superlative degrees, to show increasing degrees of quality.

However, there is a common trend among Millenials (& their circle of influence) to exaggerate with their choice of adjectives.  Exaggerate in the sense that for them, it is not enough to describe a remarkable “experience” without shooting straight to the superlative tense.

  • “That was the best burger ever” Is it really? Didn’t you say the exact same thing about another burger last week? Is it possible that these burger places outdo themselves every time?
  • My boyfriend is awesome, he let me drive his car…” So, you mean to tell me that because your boyfriend, who is supposed to love you and have your best interests at heart, let you drive his car, you think he is causing awe and inspiring wonder?
  • “I just met this amazing man!” you did, didn’t you? Did he introduce himself at this meeting in 10 languages to cause wonder and astonishment and surprise in such a short time?

It is totally possible and acceptable to say the burger one had was pretty good, very good, without having to banish it to a time factor that is near impossible.

It’s very kind of your boyfriend to have let you use his car, for whatever reason you need it for, but we would only agree with your awesome description if you were not deserving, so to speak.

This man you just met could be quite interesting to meet, possibly the nicest you have met in a while, which aptly describes him without reaching.

In secondary school, I had two English teachers who nurtured my love for language and general expression. I hardly know where to find either of them (One was a serving corper at the time,  the other passed on, God rest her soul😢) but I will never forget them. They taught me the importance of expression without ambiguity  and for that I am always grateful.

Dear “Millenials”, please stop it. These other “regular” adjectives must feel neglected . 




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