That beautiful beautiful woman.

The miracle of the woman with the issue of blood in the New Testament of the Bible is one of my favourite miracles in the Bible.

The woman is absolute role model material. Resolute and faith-full.

She’d had to live with this ailment for over a decade, the compassion and sympathy from her neighbours must have waned after about 2 years in. There must have been rumours about her condition and people who claimed to know the cause and suggest a perfect solution.

Over ten years later,  nothing has changed.

She must have felt sad, neglected ,  tired of her own self but she didn’t quite sit around bemoaning her fate.

Just as her rumours had gone about town, stories of Jesus and his many healing and deliverances must have filtered through. I assume nobody came directly to tell her to come see Jesus. They must have even mocked her when she suggested going to meet Jesus. Hence her resolution ;” If only I am able to touch the hem of his garment”.

She didn’t doubt that her neighbours would be reluctant to bring her to Jesus. She also didn’t doubt that her Solution lies with Jesus.

Knowing the multitude that was about Jesus all the time, while he taught, she must have had to creep on her knees , be shoved, be scolded and frowned at. Perhaps this wasn’t even her first attempt at trying to see Jesus ,  which explains why the hem of his cloth was enough for her.

She had seen him restore so many lives ,  the thought of her own healing overwhelmed her, bubbled her spirit, kindled and rekindled her faith.

And she crept and struggled and reached. I try to imagine the smile that came across her face when she touched it and was made whole, and it makes a smile reach across my face too. Imagine her shock too when Jesus inquired “who touched me?” She rose from her knees, probably didn’t bother dusting herself and presented herself, albeit blushing,  to her healer.

The faith of that woman is so exemplary, so inspirational, I find it as almost the absolute standard. She didn’t knock the idea of touching his garment till she had tried it. I imagine she had a handful of family and friends who were ecstatic for her..who had been supportive through the years.

I hope her story finds a way into our hearts and brings us consolation and renews our faith, especially when we need it the most.


Jemjem .


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