The post that is for giving thanks.

I’m feeling really grateful.

2016 is winding down (look at that! where did all the time go???) and it is important to give thanks for all the blessings it has brought with it.

14/12/2016 was quite a struggle staying cheerful let alone thankful on this day, so I thought doing a post of 30 things I’m grateful for is a good place to start, to kick the grouch lingering under skin.

1. I am most grateful for my Adanne. I cannot quantify this gratitude /thankfulness. I just know that having her in my life is God’s way of showing me he loves me.

2. I am thankful for chickens. Ts the season of eating chicken (chicken and Christmas are pretty much synonyms now). For eggs and chickens and all their by-products I remain thankful.

3. It’s a couch where I can put my feet up.

4. I have attempted to healthy-eat, and failed as expected, but not before discovering the divine combination that is Apple and Snickers ☻☻ (the chocolate bar brand)

5. I am most thankful for the church. It’s where I meet with like people to offer up praise and thanks to a very faithful God. I’m grateful that I don’t have to sneak around and do this.

6. I have this red pair of shoes I got while on vacation. I had seen it on a mannequin and was “sold”.  Unfortunately, Big-foot-Bessie(i.e me) was told by the attendant that it wasn’t stocked in my size. Fortunately another zealous attendant had overheard our conversation and went to the back to make sure it was really not available. I had already counted my loss and moved on when she came to find me. It was such a Cinderella moment when I tried the shoes and they fit!

7. I have never worn Acqua di Gioa (EDP) without being asked what I was wearing *takes long whiff…

8. For someone who loves to eat out, I don’t have a restaurant I’m thankful for. Do better guys. But shout out to Skippers! Your moimoi earned you this spot.

9. I am thankful for this blog here, my blog –  It has being home to alot of my thoughts that begged to be expressed and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have done that. RIP to the stories that died before they were born.

1o. I love 5am. My body alarm basically goes off at that hour, and every 5am I see is proof that God still wants me balling in this life.

11. Eating cake on my birthday. If I didn’t eat cake, was it really my birthday?

12. Is it really necessary to reiterate that I love my phone?

13. My iPod is “blind” and my music library hasn’t been updated since 2011. But I have it on me almost all the time.

14. My sister got me a tshirt that reads Ms. Almost Perfect. I think it’s cool (af!) that reading that while in the store made her think of me.

15. I am most thankful for forgiveness. To be able to look at someone who hurt me in the past and not just hurl pain at them. That’s salvation right there!

16. I would “drink” garri everyday if you let me.

17. I like that MRP stores still stock clothes that don’t look like they cost.

18. I once read somewhere (the Bible) that “if you love only those that love you, what credit is that to you (as a Christian who is supposed to be an embodiment of love)” Basically it’s trying to explain that both believers and unbelievers are capable of loving those who love them, but believers are expected to love regardless of if the love being returned.

19. I am just going to say pant and not speak further, to avoid TMI. I’m also not going to bother to distinguish if I speak in BrE or AmE.

20. I’m a hoarder. End of.

21. My siblings think I’m a wonder. If they stopped thinking that I’d probably just pack from this earth and be going.

22.”What to do about Amy” is one of those random novels you buy from the second-hand shops by chance, but the protagonist was a total rebel and I loved every bone of her (including her risqué mini wearing ways, I imagine she had Eve typa fine legs).

23. The feeling when the waiter is coming with your order is right on top of the list. Even before credit alerts.

24. One of my favourite pictures this year was taken on the 30th of April. It was my friends wedding day and I was a bridesmaid.  Soon as we got to church the zip on my dress snapped (disaster, I know). Luckily one bridesmaid didn’t show up and her (rumpled) dress was in the car we were riding in. I changed in the car and changed my mind about joining them in the church. to pass time, I went on a selfie spree and with the snapchat filter I love to call “sisterhood of the eternal slay” I took a picture of me, that looked absolutely different from how I felt. That instantly made everything start to feel better.

25. LOL…in this economy eating pizza when I want it is luxury.

26. For the grace to be benefactor and beneficiary I am grateful.

27. I have no song of 2016 per se, but I went from a Tekno diss-master (Amara & I) to having a playlist of Tekno songs on my phone (it’s also the only playlist I have).

28.  Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the gift of life. To be given a life that is my own to manage. Best. Gift. Ever!

29. I’m thankful for electricity at home. Electricity means water can be pumped, and I cannot sufficiently emphasise on how important this is.

30. I am most thankful for good health. Imagine if in addition to every thing that I think is not going right, ill health joined the chorus 😣

This was not a conventional thanksgiving,  but it is something. I am grateful for the opportunity to give thanks.

Peace & love,



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