The First Time Lessons. 

There is always a first time at trying something.

Nobody starts out at anything being a master.

Which is why when I started to pursue my career, the first word I threw out of my vocabulary was “can’t”.

Humans are ultimately malleable, it made a lot of sense to do away with the word.

I took up an administration role straight out of the university after pursuing a degree in Microbiology, I was told “anyone with a common sense can do it”.

My first day at work was not very eventful, I spent most of it working by the photocopier and printers. It was quite a mundane task but I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed by the mechanics of the machine that first day at work.

I remember the first time I served a memo on behalf of the General Manger. The desire to exude authority while relating to the individual challenges in a couple of words was a tad daunting. After a couple of corrections and appropriate guidance, I became the unofficial correspondence person.

I remember the first quotation from a contractor I had to vet. It was just my luck that this contractor was rumoured to have a long standing relationship with the company management, and regardless of my input, may yet get awarded the contract.

Every first time does not leave you coming out of the flames, dramatically, a hero.

Some first times end up a disaster too.

Like my first time filling out a board resolution. The legal personnel responsible was unavailable and I was pressed to file  the board resolution myself. I mentally recalled a template I had once come across, but in the panic had mixed up the share capital holding quoted. I was sanctioned for that mishap, and I felt bad because I was only trying to be proactive.

First times are important because of the  part they play in deciding how a “challenge” ends.

If the first time I try out spicy food, some of it gets into my eye, does that decide for me that spicy foods are a no? Or does it make me more careful the next time I find myself eating it?

First times that end well serve as a propellant to loftier goals and ideals. However, first times with dreary endings instead of discouraging one, should encourage one to revise the details leading up to that point.

Like the wise words say “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”


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