2017 is upon us; Happy new year!

31 days later (although the general belief is that we have been 70 days in 😅) and the only thing I am certain of is that we are definitely going to be okay.

Birthday already passed, on day 20! It was beautiful. Somewhat lowkey for a Friday but it was worthwhile. I mean in addition to all the virtual love showing, I got physical presents yo!

Paint me excited and grateful. And my cake was beautiful too. Here’s something to salivate to –

31 days into 2017, these are my findings;

1) Starting is important. Consistency and continuity is even more important.

2) Timelines are important, but if you are cooking rice and beans, they take different times to cook.

3) Chance may favour you, but you are not the only one waiting on chance.It may get held up trying to reach to you.

4)Procrastination remains a standard for regret.

5)Your intuition is mostly right when you disregard it’s direction.

If you know me at all, you would know I love to scribble. Writing gives me a certain encouragement and clarity. So I am going to intentionally develop an increased affinity to write. Some sort of pre-script, also known as planning, to compare how my hopes and my reality play out. Also, my memory is getting reserved for fancier responsibilities. We (which is really I) need it aired out.

So yea, this is that icebreaking post. So 2017 knows that we outchea!!

Peace and love,

Jemjem 💋


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