Grief is on the way to madness.

Grief is an emotion best expressed.

It dares you to suppress it at your own cost.

People express grief in different ways.

It’s in that woman who is on her way to see her husband in the hospital, escorted by her landlord and her husbands colleague. Disbelieving her sons assurances of her husbands life. Laughing in hysteria when relatives call to check up on her.

It’s too early for you to die, Joseph! Too early! You havent even done anything for me and your children “ she scolded wildly at no one in particular. She sounded assured that her words would reach through the space, to the ears of her now departed husband.

She refuses to be calmed, insists the man she married would have done things differently if he still had breath in him, insinuated that there is more to his passing than meets the eye right now, reaffirms her faith in God to take care of her.

It’s in the sad smile of the young mother, whose labour was induced because her baby decided coming to earth wasn’t a good idea after all.

I had picked out names for you. Decorated the room which I may not have let you sleep in. I was ready to love you. She whispered, rubbing her belly softly.

She can’t help the tears that show up without any warning/prompting. Her husband calls her brave because he thinks that she is not spending all her time crying. However, none of her neighbours have seen her since the incident. She would neither answer the door when they knocked nor respond to any telephone call.

It’s in the student who has dedicated her life’s worth/savings to accomplish her graduating project.

She had just lost her scholarship funding, and needed to pass and be allowed to graduate without incuring debt. She didn’t mean to overhear her lecturers deliberating her very poor score.

She also didn’t mean to scowl and scream gibberish at unsuspecting passers-by.

It is that lady dealing with unrequited love.

She embraces the alcohol because it makes her too lightheaded to care. She has no existing beauty standards. Hygiene is a lot to expect from someone in denial of her pain.

Almost everyday we come across people struggling with pain or their mental health.

Be that person who hugs because life is an event worth celebrating. Use kind words no matter how aggrieved you may get.

Grief is on the way to madness, hopefully the stop at yours directs them away from the path.

Love and light,



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