I grew up an Anglican girl.

Singing hymns and the eucharist, Te deum’s and Benediction. This represented a worship service to me. I love the sobriety and piety of it all.

Let me rephrase that first line, I grew up an Anglican girl in a small conservative town. The only variations in my services were the language in which the service was held.

The same things people dont love about my denomination is the absolute reason I stay.

But then, Religion is not my favourite topic of discussion, so I won’t talk about it. I’m just going to ask what I came to ask…

There is a new trend where the teenagers, youth and young adult have their own church separate from the rest of the “adult”. These sections are funkier, for lack of a better adjective (considering how funky the church already is, which road are we going again, abeg), and tailored to suit the young people’s style of worship.

Here in lies my inquisition;

1. Where did young people assemble and thus decide that this is their preferred style of worship?

2. Why are we tailoring services to suit our fancy? Is this one too also about us?

3. Time passes and you are not a youth/young adult/teenager any more, you have to transcend to that “adult” church that wasn’t good enough for you before, is it going to be good enough for you now? Or are we just going to carry on with labels that don’t mean anything?


I don’t want to be that cat that curiousity you-know-what.

I’m deeply..deeply comforted that the power of prayer is not in the one who prays, but in the one who is prayed to (Max Lucado-paraphrased)

Peace & Bubble wrap



6 thoughts on “The Orthodox girl musing.

  1. Interesting.
    I’ve been having a problem with the church I’ve been attending for over 20yrs of my life. I have responsibilities and positions, and a semi leader, so for the longest time i couldn’t even consider leaving.

    But now I am. And the decision is really stiff for the rest of the leaders to come to grasp with. Because my only complain is “The style of worship isn’t suitable for me anymore and my spirit no longer agrees”.

    When they ask “what style of worship do you mean?”, I pick different ministers in the church and ask them if they have the same style. And the answer is usually No. then my answer becomes, “I choose this style, but we don’t allow it enough here. So I’m going to a church where they do.”

    However it is that will cause a better spiritual growth of a person, I believe it should be encouraged as long as it doesn’t go against the Bible’s path. If the youths need funky, give them funky. If the church doesn’t, the world will and they will gravitate towards it.
    I think the times we’re in now should leave room for flexibility. The times the early church was built, there were certain ways people did certain things that enabled the ministry to be certain ways. And if something is being done well, a good sign of evangelism is growth, not decline. I believe. When people keep leaving a place of worship and never coming back, well…

    Point is, I want to be in church and wish to spend all day there digging the Bible, not checking the time and wishing for it to be over. That’s why churches have different segments -young adults and older adults. And when you outgrow a segment, you free willy move to another.

    My opinion

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  2. Welcome back, I’ve missed your blogging, you know…
    Concerning this topic, all I have found to say is that for some reasons I am still unable to explain, I find it difficult to attend any other ‘church’ but the Anglican in O-town, but somehow, the reverse immediately becomes the case outside O-town: I find it difficult to attend the Anglican church outside…
    By the way, I LOVE the Anglican church for the same reasons you love them.

    Please, write some more.

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    1. Debs…. lol… you know my condition

      Fortunately, my madam 👆👆 already answered ability quenched my inquisition. If the end goal makes you a better human, then by all means have as many sections as you like!

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