Starstruck: Kate Henshaw

Maybe we will make this thing a weekly thing, till we run out of steam, aye?

Kate Henshaw. I came homegrown this time.

I have “known” Kate since my siblings and I never finished watching “Thorns of Rose” ( abeg who knows how that feem ended?) and reading my mothers National encomium. They never stopped carrying gist about her and Sammy Okposo. (I think its really a thing that these people have remained relevant over the years).

Speaking of her relevance, Kate always impressed me with her vocals. She didn’t have any bastard accent taunting her English language. She spoke fluently and cried in an “awww come here!” way.

She did well with the jobs she was cast as too. Hardly out of place or uncomfortable to watch.

Imagine my amusement when she embraced her comic side, starring as Basorge’s love interest in the local comedy series “Do good”.

She also knows the way to the fountain of youth, because she has looked the same (& even better) over the years. I know she tries to accord that to her fitness lifestyle but meh… we forgive her if she doesn’t want to lead us there.

Here’s hoping she has enjoyed gracing our screens with her beautiful smile as much as we have enjoyed seeing it across our screens.


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