2017 is upon us; Happy new year!

31 days later (although the general belief is that we have been 70 days in 😅) and the only thing I am certain of is that we are definitely going to be okay.

Birthday already passed, on day 20! It was beautiful. Somewhat lowkey for a Friday but it was worthwhile. I mean in addition to all the virtual love showing, I got physical presents yo!

Paint me excited and grateful. And my cake was beautiful too. Here’s something to salivate to –

31 days into 2017, this are my findings;

1) Starting is important. Consistency and continuity is even more important.

2) Timelines are important, but if you are cooking rice and beans, they take different times to cook.

3) Chance may favour you, but you are not the only one waiting on chance.It may get held up trying to reach to you.

4)Procrastination remains a standard for regret.

5)Your intuition is mostly right when you disregard it’s direction.

If you know me at all, you would know I love to scribble. Writing gives me a certain encouragement and clarity. So I am going to intentionally develop an increased affinity to write. Some sort of pre-script, also known as planning, to compare how my hopes and my reality play out. Also, my memory is getting reserved for fancier responsibilities. We (which is really I) need it aired out.

So yea, this is that icebreaking post. So 2017 knows that we outchea!!

Peace and love,

Jemjem 💋


The age of Becoming.

I was born on a Friday.
Can’t you tell?

I feel like every habit or distinct character that makes me remotely interesting is as a result of being born on a Friday.
Like Fridays, we are serious. But not that serious.
60% of people I know thank God for Friday’s.  I am basically a blessing to everyone because they are thanking God for the day I was born.

As has been established,  I’m big on birthdays, and the 2016 edition of my birthday already came (as usual) and went. I had a fun day. I tried to make it a memorable one as always & it worked. Now every time I refer to the 20th day of 2016, the wist will be real.

This was a special age for me. Mainly because it’s like my most anticipated age. For most of my life, I have oft wondered how much difference this age would make in my life. Funny it is also the oldest I have ever imagined myself. This bit makes me uncomfortable a little.
Because I’m steady asking myself “Now that we are here, what next?”
I keep anticipating some thing drastic to happen. Or for me to make a change that I had never considered.
I was talking about this with some friends and they had really colourful suggestions “maybe you should have a baby” “maybe it’s time you got married ” “maybe you should move to Lagos”….
Maybe I will. 😄
Or maybe I will settle for a haircut and bleached hair.
I was recently convinced that I would totally “tap” If I let the hair go…


That was the convincing picture.

Economically, it promises to be challenging for all of us. But hey, our Father owns the entire universe so, no fear.
I’m going to go in, go hard, give 100% & love 2016.

In all, the mantra is “no mediocre”. Go hard or go home.
It’s March already, and it seems like a good number of us hit the ground running this year,in spite of all the challenges we are having to deal with . Godspeed y’all.

I’m looking forward to the surprises from the rest of my life. I can probably say I checked all the boxes in my non-existent bucket list, and now I’m ready to start a new list.

THIRTY THINGS TO DO BEFORE THIRTY anyone?? I’m open to your suggestions in the box below 👇☺👇



Today I missed you more than anything.

I was occupied with all the nonsense and ingredients I have filled my life with lately, and in the midst of all the buzz, all I wanted was to be able to share the victories and the exasperation.

Pride won today.

Well, not pride in itself, but the bleakness of the effort. There didn’t seem to be any hope of getting the requisite warmth from sharing. You seem so far away now. And I seem so stuck up. or stuck on.

Either ways I’m stuck.

Its Christmas eve.

The colleagues are partying in the next room. I snuck out a bottle of wine earlier and I have gone through it in 30. I’m not in the least buzzed.

It would help much,if I could be remotely in the spirit that everyone is supposedly sharing. I couldn’t be the worst in the room.

ps-I’m tipsy.

Happy Birthday Niran, the Dealer of my Black Doktor. A commemorative one yeah? 😉


I woke up today, feeling like It has been soo long since my last birthday. Birthdays are soo awesome, I’m starting to feel like they are all that ever prompt my writing.

Coodibee that birthdays are my muse???

Anyways, I decided I was not going to sleep tonight without leaving something hanging out my head.

I have found that I am an easy conversationalist ,that is the politically correct way of saying talkative except I have no interest in the said conversation. I’d like to think I picked it up from my dear uncle Emmanuel. He remains the greatest conversationalist I have ever known. I may not have been around much but believe me when I say, Daddy Emma is king.

I recently had cause to start to analyse and evaluate how I became friends with most of the people I am friends with now. Quite a good number of them, I actually remember the first time we met, though the story retold from both parties may differ. My finding in all of my minor analysis is that most of my friendships were built on awesome conversations; upbeat , humourous, witty and sometimes 🙂 intelligent. In none of them have I ever had to be accosted with “hi, I want to be your friend.”

Dear Accoster, did it not feel weird to you saying those words?

Am I the one who is shallow and can’t understand if there is more to that “being friends” (which I wasn’t, because I clarified).

I can imagine your liberal heads saying “Ahn now, it’s not that bad,do u kno if that’s the persons style?”. I agree we all have our rights to chose what behaviour to adopt, but ejor, proposition for friendship?? Is it not tasking enough to have to toast babes/ dudes, now I also  have to toast my friends and deal with impending rejections too. Haba mana, it’s never that serious.

ILike to make my own friends. There are certain things about them that I find endearing, and that is how we bond. Not because you want to be my friend. What if I don’t want to be your friend? Is it also ok if I am your friend and you are not mine? As your friend now, are there certain responsibilties that you would expect of me?

What is worse than the above is coming under the guise of being friends when from the start, you definitely want more. Have you heard of the friendzone fam?! It’s realer than  heaven and hell on some days. Getting past those borders and assuming your original plans have been compared to finding a cure for cancer, almost as impossible. You clearly don’t want to depend on a major determinant like that for your happiness.

If you are guilty of this bad behaviour, stop it. You put the person in an awkward, very awkward place. Especially if they have just met you. Clearly you set yourself up for  the negatif you would be served.

I am already all y’all’s friends. No?




Five Hundred Naira

Apparently new love is not the only cure for a block(the writer’s kind). Old constant love is just as effective.
Its my Adanne’s birthday today, and we are celebrating majorly. No election drama and what not can get in the way of all this Joy.
She has been in my life for the entire of it and not in one year of it has she fallen short of amazing. She has been Gods gift to me that keeps giving. But this post is not about her.  This post is about how her awesome being shed light on something I was letting wallow within.

We celebrated a day early and went all out to turn up with the kids at some orphanage close to our house. It was such a delight. The kids, their zest, and their strength.  What they didn’t have in privilege, they made up for it in strength. What they didn’t have in recreation, they compensated in full with a robust sense of humour. And y’all know how I feel about the sense of humour.
We had an amazing time, tbh . We prayed, we sang,  we danced, we ate, we drank.  We even had a little serious conversation. Talked about how it was important to maintain good behaviour and good grades in school. It wasn’t even my birthday but it was a most blessed day. The most useful three hours I had spent on something in a while.
When we had to go, the rain helped in hastening our speed. My sister gave one of the older kids a N500 bill, as thank you for her assistance while we hosted.  I cannot aptly describe how her face lit up. Not because my skills at describing need work but I fear I’d do it no justice. Her smile, so beautiful, and wattful. Her dance, she couldn’t keep her body steady. The entire defining elements of her body were synchronised at that point to express her gratitude and appreciation. I was deeply moved at that.
Granted, most of us are reading from a more privileged point of view, so it might not be entirely logical to ask when last we were excited at receiving N500, but the truth is we have forgotten how to say thank you. To express gratitude at gifts, looking at them as entitlements.
There are no such things as entitlements in this life.
All that luxury ended in Eden.
The minute God declared that man work for his keep, he activated the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude within us.
So we shouldn’t wait until it’s that Samsung galaxy note 4(hint hint) we have been pining for, or those things we had ruled out as beyond our reach that is being gifted to us to be genuinely excited or appreciative.  If another could think beyond  his unending wants and needs to spare to share their blessings, they deserve a mini shuffle and a beam of smile.  Even if you think it’s just N500. It appears the blessings that come with giving is activated by the  thanksgiving  of the recipient.
Thank you for reminding me of this.
Happy Birthday G.
Me love you long long time.
My only Adanne.
Ugebe oyibo 🙂
Nwa ndi ocha 1.
To greater years ahead.  Of course it’s only up from here.  Thanks for everything you mean to me.

Happy birthday Ijeuru!


It’s not Narcissism.
I just love myself. Fortunately a lot of you love me too. The lone tears were sooo constant it started to look like I was crying.
So, thank you. For making January the twentieth day of Y2015 tres memorable for me. I hope all your birthdays feel just as great.

For a very long time, I had not met anyone that shared my birthday date with me. I met people born 15,16,17,18,even 19, born hours before me in the same hospital ward, as in we were neighbours in the nursery, no kidding(her mother told me when we met many years later in secondary school, yip we were neighbours in class as well for a bit :D).
This search for a birthday mate had gone on for so long, I had to ask my mother once if there had been a law that she defied by birthing me on the said date.  She had laughed and asked me to keep looking.
Then in secondary, when people share drinks and “scatters” (the Feddy in me isn’t going anywhere anytime soon), Jan 20th was usually quiet. I was still alone.
Until my SS 1.
Someone sends me to Red house back then, and yh, it’s my birthday. And I walk into this apartment and see a cake in the centre.
I was shocked. I had to enquire and found out that it belonged to a certain Chimezie(I forget her surname now).
The JOY!!
Finally, I had found a birthday mate.
I wasn’t alone finally.
I had to restrain myself from going to introduce myself and what not. I don’t know how to deal with embarrassments 😂😂

So here, being born on the January 20th is quite an interesting thing.
Horoscopes are not quite my thing, based on my Christian faith and all. But I find them insightful. And it is knowledge.
And No knowledge is a waste.
And if knowledge helps you be better, then it is a good thing.
And we know all good things come from God.
I went from talking Horoscopes to solving equations. Genius, I know!
Anyway, now that my defense is out of the way, I can continue.
So, on some Horoscopes, I am Capricorn, on others I am Aquarius.
So people born on the 20th of January are known as Cusps. I don’t know if this phenomenon happens with other signs and months.
But being a Cusp means I exhibit the characters of one born a Capricorn and also of an Aquarian.
Best of both worlds, ey? *no Hannah Montana*.
So if you have ever been puzzled, and wondered what planet I come from, ponder no more. Its the Cusp in me.

Another interesting thing I have learnt, I once met up a friend and her friend for drinks, and unlike most girls we hit it off in the most amazing way.  You couldn’t have met us that night and believed that our acquaintanceship was just an hour old.
Last night I found out our birthdays were only a day apart.  We laughed really hard, that explained the bonding.

Like all stories, there has to be a Kpalasa side to it. So I was sharing stuff with my colleagues and one came back to apologise, that as a Witness , they do not have such beliefs and celebrations . Knowing they already crossed off Christmas, I had to ask what exactly they are allowed to celebrate.
We are still going to have a concise conversation on the matter. I may keep you posted.  Or not. Maybe I need convincing, and change in ideology. This is how I learn.

Birthdays are special. You can’t tell me nothing.
I am most grateful to God who preserves me to see each one. Even science agrees that people with the most birthdays live the longest.
To more birthdays and reasons to celebrate,  mazel tov 🍻!!!
God keep you all everyday till another 365 (and more of course).
Any now that birthday is done, I have real work to do! So Help me God.

Peace and Love People!
xoxo, Jemjem.

Ps- I have found more birthday mates too, and we are all special and gifted, Amen!